Business to Person: How Consumers are Redefining Retail

Alex Vetter, CEO,

Consumers are in the driver’s seat-- auto retailers and manufacturers must now shift their focus from “look-at-me” promotions to people to not only survive but thrive. Today’s consumer journey is mobile and multi-touch and as a result, all marketers including dealers need to provide efficient experiences and look beyond traditional leads to connect with consumers on their terms. When it comes to modern, mobile shoppers, it’s less about promotion and more about people – and meeting their needs through efficient and useful experiences in the moments that matter. Because while the industry has seen significant changes over the years, one constant has remained the same -- cars are bought and sold one at a time between two people.


Current Market Trends & Challenges

Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist, Cox Automotive

A review of the top economic and market trends impacting dealers and what to expect in the months ahead. Jonathan Smoke, Chief Economist of Cox Automotive, will walk dealers through the economic fundamentals and how trends are impacting new and used car sales including shifting consumer preferences, used vehicle prices, wholesale market supplies, CPO trends, auto loan rates, consumer credit access, and the challenges that are impacting dealers the most.


The Coming Automotive Retail Disruption Explained on a Cocktail Napkin

Steve Stauning, Founder, pladoogle, LLC

The traditional car dealership model is seemingly being attacked on all sides. From technology “disruptors” like Shift who want to take the dealer out of the car sales equation to dealership “innovators” like Carvana who believe they can creating billions from a vending machine and the idea of a “better customer experience” to manufacturers like Tesla who believe selling to the consumer is better for everyone – except the dealer, of course. The good news is that traditional dealers needn’t worry about these models taking significant market share. The bad news is that what will really cause the coming automotive retail disruption could be much worse. In this session, I explain the coming automotive retail disruption on a cocktail napkin.

Rich Herrod.jpeg

Using Video to Build a Brand: the White Bear Mitsubishi story

Richard Herod, General Manager, White Bear Mitsubishi

Learn how effective video strategy and branding has helped propel the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport to be the #1 Small SUV sold in the Saint Paul area for the last 6 years - outselling Subaru, Mazda, Honda and Chevy. After starting their "White Bear" campaign in 2011, the dealership instantly recognized lift in crossover sales, and has held the sales crown every year since in a major metropolitan market. Currently White Bear Mitsubishi is now the #2 Mitsubishi dealership in the USA selling 2,600 new and used units a year.

Joe Chura CEO 2 copy.jpg

Change the Game

Joe Chura, CEO, DealerInspire

To compete in the future, dealers must change the game. There is no time to wait for new rules. Customers are wanting change and customers win. Change all starts from the top. Learn strategies that work. I will review case studies that are helping dealers win today while preparing for tomorrow.

Frank J Lopes 2017 Headshot.jpg

Yes Virginia, You CAN Sell 1000 Cars a Month!

Frank Lopes, Vice President, FB Digital

They're not myths... There are indeed many dealerships across the country selling 400, 500, 700.. even 1000 units a month! How do they do it? Frank J Lopes will explain the 7 things high volume dealers did and continue to do to achieve high volume numbers.

David Kain 2017.JPG

Outwork, Outsmart and Outperform - The keys to Digital Success!

David Kain, President, Kain Automotive, Inc

In this 20 Minutes Session David Kain will provide proven strategies that will give each attendee actionable takeaways that will allow them to implement processes and tactics that will ensure remarkable digital sales success. A balance of insights and tactics gathered from over 20 years in Automotive Digital drilled down to easily implemented success strategies. Attendees will walk away with confidence and knowledge to make this year their best ever!

Troy Spring.jpg

Turbo Charge your Dealership

Troy spring, ceo, dealer world

In this session I will be sharing how big thinking combined with an action plan to grow 50% or more within 12 months is possible. The attendees will be left with actionable items and a step by step process of how I have successfully increases business at multiple stores as GM and then as an agency by 20% 50% and even 100% or more. The purpose of this session is to inspire greatness amongst the crowd; To leave them motivated and invigorated about their business.

Kerri Headshot_Aug2016_7744.jpeg

Closing the Trust Gap in the Trade-in Process through Transparency

Kerri Wise, VP, Dealer Training & Industry

Today’s consumer demands a high level of transparency and independent validation in the dealership experience, and this is particularly true when it comes to the valuation of their trade-in. Despite the efforts of many good dealers, a significant trust-gap still exists when it comes to the dealership appraisal process. In fact, recent research shows 69% of consumers don’t trust the trade-in value provided by the dealership. This session will explore how transparency in the appraisal process can help you build trust and improve your bottom line.

Todd Smith.jpg

Be Authentic Be Driven

Todd Smith, CEO, ActivEngage

In a highly competitive industry, dealers put themselves under a lot of pressure to perform. It is important that managers do not lose themselves in the grind. Staying true to your authentic self and adopting a mindset of self acceptance will help individuals reach their maximum potential.

Steve White.jpg

I know more about your customers than your CRM

Steve White, ceo, clarivoy

To change consumer behavior you first need to know how they shop. In this session dealers will learn what is possible by utilizing first and third-party data to create a single, complete view of how people buy cars. Dealers will leave Steve’s session with a better understanding of the tools available to better understand what clicks sell cars.


Speed Thrills - The 59 Minute Car Sale

Alan Krutsch, vp, sales & Marketing, Ryan Adams Group

Speed Thrills-The 59 Minute Car Sale Car shoppers are frustrated by inefficient processes that waste their time. In a world where the “one-click” purchase has become commonplace car buyers don’t understand why it takes 2-4 hours to complete the purchase. There are 3 significant process changes that a small number of dealers have made that allow them to consistently go from yes to delivery in under an hour. In this seminar, dealers will learn about changes in consumer expectations, the retail landscape inside and outside the car business, and the 3 areas dealers must focus on to achieve a consistent, repeatable 59-minute car sale. This will be a 40 minute “how-to” designed to set dealers on a path towards the necessary changes needed to move auto retailing into the 21st century.


Dan Waldschmidt.jpg

Being Awesome: The Ultimate Upgrade Option

Dan Waldschmidt, International Business Strategist and Extreme Athlete

There are two key rules that successful businesses live by. And no amount of new software or enhanced sale process will elevate your profit or drive traffic through your doors more than you being awesome. But being awesome contradicts most of what you think you should be doing to drive growth. Let's talk about being awesome and how to super-charge your dealership by living by these two key rules.

Andy Medley Headshot PERQ.jpg

Train Your Website to Be Your Best Salesperson

Andy Medley, CEO & Co-founder, PERQ

PERQ has crunched data from over 8 million unique clicks on Call To Action (CTA) buttons from over 533,414 web visitors into key best practices that help dealerships turn their websites into high-powered sales machines. This unprecedented analysis attacks a key issue for dealer principals: poor ROI on their traffic spend. With the majority (77%) of web visitors still in the research/education phase of the process and most dealership websites not equipped with tools and experiences to help those visitors slide down the sales funnel and into the dealership, much of the average dealership’s online traffic spend is turning into vapor. This is a huge missed opportunity. Our data shows that when a lead completes two or more interactive experiences, their likelihood of closing increases up to 149%. Consumers spend more time on site when they have a more engaging interactive experience, averaging 12-13 minutes. Yet, in many cases, poorly implemented CTAs are actually decreasing engagement – and this is especially significant for mobile consumers (most of your customers) who are incredibly receptive to CTAs: Click rates are 50% higher for mobile. This presentation will use data science to attack key gaps almost every dealership experiences when it comes to website interaction. From the colors that consumers are most likely to engage with…to the most effective incentives, this presentation will change dealers’ view of the potential effectiveness of their website, deepening insight into a holistic online/offline experience for their customers – and, critically, how to better drive showroom sales.



Welcome & Introduction to the 2018 Innovative Dealer Summit

Charlie Vogelheim, Principal, Vogelheim Ventures

Charlie Vogelheim will be welcoming attendees to the 2018 Innovative Dealer Summit & sharing his thoughts on the valuable content in store for dealers to come as well as some top industry trends and insights.