Sales To Service To Sales

Owen Moon, CEO, Fixed OPs Digital

Repeat sales and customer retention are quickly becoming more vital when determining a dealerships overall success. One way to build customer loyalty and trust is giving them a better vehicle ownership experience from your service department. In this session you will learn how your dealership can utilize your service department to increase revenue today which will lead to more vehicle sales tomorrow!


Thriving in Disruptive Times

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO, Affinitiv

Autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, ride sharing and subscription services are all headline-grabbing trends, with pundits predicting how these disruptors will lead to the demise of current dealership models. Should dealers be worried? The fact is, most of these trends are several years away from impacting current business models. Looking beneath the headlines, Eisenfelder identifies trends happening right now that are significantly impacting dealership revenues. Dealers need to focus on these immediate challenges so they can still be in business when the headline-grabbing disruptors materialize. In this session, Eisenfelder shares practical strategies to help dealers survive changes coming in the next few years. Dealers that attend this presentation will learn how to: Identify 5 current trends impacting service revenue, Maximize revenue per units-in-operation ($/UIO) , Find and target owners in the expanding 4- to 6- year old vehicle market, Shift from sales to service conquesting for greater marketing ROI.


Using Recalls to Position Your Dealership for the Next Market Shift

Chris Miller, CEO, Recall Masters

Christopher Miller, CEO of Recall Masters, will share what he's learned about recalled vehicle owners and how the debacle has also brought about opportunity for dealerships that effectively manage the process. During this interactive session, Miller will talk about the status of vehicle recalls in America, blueprint a successful dealership recall department and share data that clearly illustrates the benefits or reining in the recall revolution. Find out how some of the nation's most profitable dealerships are managing recalls. Christopher Miller's presentation will offer a blend of information and data analysis. Miller will lay out the opportunity that lies within recall management. The session is interactive, soliciting the participation of attendees to paint scenarios that dealers are challenged with. Miller will offer a wide range of solutions along with showcasing dealer case studies that lead to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.

Leonard Buchholz.jpg

How to Stop Customer Defection and Start Increasing Fixed Operations Profits

Leonard Buchholz, Owner, CarBizCoach

Stop customer defection and start increasing fixed operations profits. In this workshop we are going to cover the immediate actions General Managers and Service Managers need to take to stay in front fundamental challenges that are impacting every facet of dealership operation today. The first step to stopping customer defection is to develop omni channel communications that take advantage of every device the customer is using to communicate. Since the early 2000’s, there has been a gradual and constant movement from traditional communications like newspaper, radio, open source tv spots and telephone communications to digital convenience-based communications. We will cover the best customer centric channels, their impact on service operations and how to use them to communicate effectively. The second action step we will cover revolves around changing customer behaviors and how service operations need to evolve to address them. This includes everything from facilities to websites. Preventing that first unfavorable experience begins with the initial interaction a customer makes with the dealership and ends in the dealership service drive. We will cover some of the best practices and services that enhance the customers convenience while providing value.

Jeff Ornell.jpg

Lifecycle Management for Life: Why accurate data will exponentially increase sales

Jeff Ornell, Director of Equity Strategy, Dominion Dealer Solutions

A recent IBM study estimates that poor data quality costs the U.S. economy 3.1 trillion dollars a year. Moreover, 52% of organizations say that a lack of trust in their data contributes to increased risk of non-compliance and regulatory penalties and 51% say it contributes to a downturn in customer loyalty. Successful dealers understand that a good retail strategy starts with communicating at the optimal moment - especially in service - for the entire consumer lifecycle. In this fact-driven session we do a deep dive into why most life cycle solutions fail and uncover what dealers can do to dial in their database and keep customers for life.


Retail Warranty Reimbursement Update – 6 Months In

Joe Jankowski, Managing Partner, Armatus Dealer Uplift

Jordan Jankowski, Director of Operations, Armatus Dealer Uplift

It’s been almost six months since the Retail Warranty Reimbursement law was passed, and in that time, we’ve learned a lot regarding things we could have only speculated on in October of 2018. As we approach 150 successful Colorado submissions, we have a great feel for how each of the manufacturers interpret the various provisions of the statute. In nearly all cases, the revised law has been a huge win for Colorado dealers, by providing them an avenue to secure fair and reasonable market-rate reimbursement for their warranty claims. Although there has been a huge emphasis on parts reimbursement in previous seminars, we will spend a bit more time on labor rate increases in this session. The Colorado law also provides for statutory labor submissions; currently we have close to 50 successes. In this session we will devote a segment to the dynamic of achieving a fair market rate for labor, as well as an examination of whether you should submit in accordance with the manufacturers’ Service Policy & Procedures manual or perform a statutory submission. We will also delve into factory CPI programs, and whether it is wise to be in one. This session will provide you with a refresher on retail parts reimbursement, the success to date in Colorado, and some “insider baseball” on submitting for your annual labor rate. We plan on leaving some time for Q&A, so that we can answer questions that may pertain to the entire group.