Sales To Service To Sales

Owen Moon, CEO, Fixed OPs Digital

Learn How To Use Your Service Department To Turn Your Customers Into Repeat Buyers For Years To Come


Thriving in Disruptive Times

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO, Affinitiv

Autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, ride sharing and subscription services are all headline-grabbing trends, with pundits predicting how these disruptors will lead to the demise of current dealership models. Should dealers be worried? The fact is, most of these trends are several years away from impacting current business models. Looking beneath the headlines, Eisenfelder identifies trends happening right now that are significantly impacting dealership revenues. Dealers need to focus on these immediate challenges so they can still be in business when the headline-grabbing disruptors materialize. In this session, Eisenfelder shares practical strategies to help dealers survive changes coming in the next few years. Dealers that attend this presentation will learn how to: Identify 5 current trends impacting service revenue, Maximize revenue per units-in-operation ($/UIO) , Find and target owners in the expanding 4- to 6- year old vehicle market, Shift from sales to service conquesting for greater marketing ROI.


Using Recalls to Position Your Dealership for the Next Market Shift

Chris Miller, CEO, Recall Masters

Christopher Miller, CEO of Recall Masters, will share what he's learned about recalled vehicle owners and how the debacle has also brought about opportunity for dealerships that effectively manage the process. During this interactive session, Miller will talk about the status of vehicle recalls in America, blueprint a successful dealership recall department and share data that clearly illustrates the benefits or reining in the recall revolution. Find out how some of the nation's most profitable dealerships are managing recalls. Christopher Miller's presentation will offer a blend of information and data analysis. Miller will lay out the opportunity that lies within recall management. The session is interactive, soliciting the participation of attendees to paint scenarios that dealers are challenged with. Miller will offer a wide range of solutions along with showcasing dealer case studies that lead to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.