Why Service Absorption is an Outdated Metric and What to Measure Instead

Scot Eisenfelder, CEO & Executive Chairman, Affinitiv

Traditional service metrics are outdated. It’s time for dealers to ditch the “service absorption” mentality and start measuring revenue per units-in-operation (UIO). The hard truth is that dealers capture less than half of the work needed on vehicles that enter the service lane, and continue to lose market share to independent repair shops. Simply by changing the metrics used to measure success forces dealers to compete on every revenue opportunity, instead of merely covering fixed costs. Attendees will learn: Why a 100% service absorption rate means nothing and does not accurately reflect service department potential in today’s automotive environment. How focusing on growth of revenue per RIO forces changes that improve the customer service experience. Three critical paradigm shifts that need to occur in service department marketing to increase customer retention


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Service Drive - How to Drive More Traffic

James Klaus, VP Sales, Dealer Teamwork

In many cases, dealers are ignoring opportunities for their fixed ops to improve their ROI. In this educational session, former dealer operator, James Klaus will discuss strategies for dealers to drive more traffic to their service drive. His session will cover proper strategies for improving the process from sales to fixed ops, marketing for your fixed ops, and how service writers/BDCs can become more involved in your dealerships digital marketing to drive website traffic and ultimately more vehicles to your service drive.