7 Star Service: How to Build a Culture to Turn Every Customer Into a Fan

Ruby Newell-Legner, Fan Experience Expert, 7 Star Service

As our customers expect more and more from us, the demand on how we offer service becomes more intense. How can we help employees develop the tools to excel in their job of representing our organization so we can grow our business? How do we overcome interdepartmental boundaries so that everyone is providing an exceptional level of service throughout the organization? This program includes insight from Ruby’s work with Jumeirah Group, operator of the Burj Al Arab, referred to as the only 7 Star hotel in the world, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In this session Ruby will explore leadership’s role in promoting a positive customer experience at all levels of the organization. Come discover how to make well-integrated service delivery a reality.


Digital Sales at the Peak

What Top Performers do each day to Lead their Market

David Kain, President, Kain Automotive

Believe it or not, the Automotive Internet is 20 years old and simply riding the tide is not an option if you want your dealership to be a progressive market leader. Fortunately, there are several strategies and tactics you can employ at your dealership to take you to the Peak and they will be presented in a simple and straightforward manner to make it easy for you to use them right away at your store. Don't waste time guessing what it takes to be the best. We will demonstrate the path dealers are using each day!


The Habits of Highly Successful Dealers

Chip Perry, CEO, TrueCar

Automotive digital marketing and retailing continue to evolve as technology and the needs of today’s automotive buyer rapidly change. Throughout his career, Chip Perry has been at the forefront of the evolution of automotive marketing and retailing from his pioneering days at AutoTrader to his current role as leader of innovator, TrueCar. He will share with you the tactics and strategies that help top performing dealers meet the needs of today’s consumers, while also closing 2X higher than the competition.


5 Big Questions:

What’s ahead for the automotive industry

Mark O’Neill, COO, Cox Automotive

Join Mark O’Neil, COO, Cox Automotive as he discusses the biggest issues facing the automotive industry and tries to answer important questions that will help dealers plan for the future.


Developing Your Distinctive Global Impact-D.G.I.™

Marty Coates, Co-founder, Waymaker Learning Corp.

In life and in business, achieving success and mastering your goals requires discipline, focus and vision. Getting across the finish line is important, but how and when we get there is more important. In this session, Marty Coates, Co-Founder of Waymaker Learning Corporation will share with you an approach to generating the most out of life and business. This session will challenge you and will likely change your perspective of your ROI in the future. Marty will explore four keys that will help you unlock ways that you and your team will not only sell or make products, but make a lasting impact on the world. This 20-minute presentation will be interactive, motivating, packed with content and will leave you with tangible “take aways” that can enhance your life and improve your organization.


Using the Power of Video and Google To Dominate Your Market

Guy Schueller, Head of Automotive, Google and Phil Sura, VP of Sales, UnityWorks

This session will focus on the key steps that dealers need to take to leverage video and Google to build a gameplan for video advertising. This session will focus on metrics, examples of dealer videos and how to leverage Google with your video strategy.



Navigating the Digital Retail Landscape

Jonathan Ord, CEO, DealerSocket

Advancements in digital retail should be the next evolution of transparency and efficiency for your business. How can you leverage a great consumer experience digitally to convert that consumer to a trusting customer? Our data reveals some staggering facts to think about and power you to rethink your digital strategy.


Mobile - still the next big thing for your business.

Eddy Viola, Client Partner, Automotive, Facebook

If marketing has one goal, it’s to connect with consumers at the moments that most influence them. And now, those moments are on mobile. This session will explore how mobile is changing the way we communicate and how your business can be a part of this conversation on Facebook.


You Are Your Habits

Todd Smith, CEO, ActivEngage

The untold truth that drives success and failure. You have been told all your life to set goals, work hard and follow through to become successful in any endeavor, but the truth is without the habits to support it you will fail. Learn how to develop habits, eliminate bad ones and find your keystone habit for unlimited success in work, health and life.


Now Hiring - Hoverboard Dept. Manager

Darren Haygood, President/COO, Transparency

How many cars did I sell and how much money did I make?" These are the questions we answer, while helping you better interpret and leverage the data that's within your CRM & DMS.


Creating Tangible Growth in your Fixed Operations

David Lewis, President, David Lewis & Associates

This session reviews the 7 areas of growth that every dealership can master to increase revenue, profits and CSI.


Disrupting Automotive Habits for Success

John Clavadetscher, CRO,

Aligning to the consumer shopping journey is a necessity for survival in the digital age. As quickly as technology and consumers evolve, reaching and influencing today's buyers can sometimes feel unattainable. In this session, John Clavadetscher, Chief Revenue Officer of, will discuss consumer behavior in automotive and how significant disruptions, like reviews, have led to successfully alignment with consumers. He will share some of the key drivers of change in the auto industry and how to set your business up for success.


"Fear.Less" The 6 traits of an unapologetic Automotive RockStar

Lisa Copeland, CEO Global Enterprises

You will hear the 6 traits and action steps to Fear.LESS , CRUSH limiting beliefs to have the best year of your life both personally and professionally!


Customer Experience Innovation: Mind your P’s and CuesTM

Andrew Czaplewski, Professor of Marketing, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield and the most effective way to differentiate your dealership. Auto dealers sell and market an intangible services which plays a critical role in the purchase decision, word-of-mouth activity and repeat business. The core of customer experience is People, Process and the Tangible Cues; these are the basis for customer opinions, attitudes and beliefs. Drawing on concepts from positive organizational behavior and customer experience management, this program will provide you with three key take-aways: (1) Practical internal marketing tactics that will help you leverage the People element for delivering great customer experiences, (2) Tools for mapping your Process for customer experience improvement and innovation, and (3) A strategic perspective on the connection between Tangible Cues and customer perception.

Richard J. Bryan

The 3 Most Memorable Failures I Made at my Dealership and What I Learned

Richard J. Bryan, CEO, A-Player Leadership

Richard knows from more than 20 years of leadership experience what it’s like to fail - more importantly he learned from his failures and grew as a leader. In this short but powerful session Richard shares what his failures taught him and how those difficult lessons later led to great success. Key Takeaways:

  • Why in business you can’t skip the fundamentals
  • The importance of having a robust hiring process
  • How a failure can help you to grow as a leader

Stop Spraying and Praying

Time to Target Effectively

Ken Kolodziej, CEO, String Automotive

Too often, dealers find themselves reacting to market challenges rather than proactively attacking each month with a comprehensive, data-driven advertising strategy. In this session Ken Kolodziej, CEO of String Automotive, will gather sales, demographic, and psychographic insights for several participating dealers’ local markets. He will then analyze the outputs and explain how to apply the most targeted marketing strategies.

Cause-Based Marketing & Audience-Based Advertising

Jessica Stafford, Vice President, Marketing – Media Solutions Group, Cox Automotive

Topics will include advertising and targeting over time, types of targeting, importance of messaging, cause-based marketing, top 5 audience targeting strategies

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