New Realities of Today’s Used Car Business and Methods to Combat Margin Compression

Dale Pollak, Founder, VAuto

Dealers have been noticing a disturbing trend in used vehicles for about the last two years. Front-end grosses are sliding south, and there are concerns how low they will go. In this session, vAuto founder and Cox Automotive executive vice president Dale Pollak shares a perspective on why the effects of margin compression are so profound, and how dealers can mitigate its harmful effects by adopting an investment value-based inventory management strategy to maximize used vehicle gross profits and increase sales volumes.


How to Partner with Facebook Marketplace

Evan Piwowarski, Business Product Marketing, Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers a dedicated discovery and search experience to help people find their next vehicle, and to help local dealerships reach the millions of people who are already looking for used vehicles on Marketplace every day. In this session, you'll learn about opportunities to partner with Facebook Marketplace and how to maximize the performance of vehicle listings on our platform.


Key Tactics to Win by bringing the Showroom Online and the Digital experience to the Showroom

Kerri Wise, TruCar

Most dealers are very comfortable selling cars in the showroom. But in order to connect with today’s digital consumer, it’s critical to merge the online and offline experiences. This session will share consumer insights on the preferences of today’s digital consumer and identify some specific opportunities for dealers to create a seamless retail process by bringing the showroom online and the digital experience in the showroom.


Modern Google: What You May Not Know About What's New @ Google

Kelly McNearney, Senior Automotive Retail Strategist, Google

Modern search and modern video for dealers will be the focus of this presentation. I will compare the "old way" to the way of the future for automotive retail marketing.

Ziegler headshot.png

Surviving the Dealer Apocalypse

James Ziegler, CSP, HSG, Prsident, Ziegler SuperSystems, Inc.

Car Dealers are under attack and fighting the battle on many fronts. In this session Jim Ziegler talks about the disruptors and how car dealerships can streamline processes and ramp-up technology marketing to thrive, survive, and win the battle. Ziegler says "The Machines Will NOT Win."

Paul Potratz.jpg

What is Pixel Marketing and Why You Need It in 2019

Paul Potratz, COO, POTRATZ

During this session I will share a new marketing technology that is more cost effective than anything being done on Google or Facebook. Beyond that, it provides detailed tracking unparalleled by current marketing methods-- and not just at the point of sale, but throughout the entire process. This marketing technology has only been available to mega corporations... until now. I will not only show you what it is, but how you can effectively start to utilize it immediately to not only increase your audience, but your overall sales and success.


Because Mom Said So

Evelyn Chatel, General Manager / Partner, Freedom Auto Group

Becoming a leader in the automotive industry can be challenging on every level. Learning how to navigate those challenges, will help you accelerate the process and have a more meaningful journey. Evelyn Chatel, General Manager and Partner at Freedom Auto Group, will walk you through new techniques that can move your company from a “getting” business to a “giving” business, a #Life Improvement Business. You will also learn why asking questions is one of the most valuable tools in teaching leadership and turning challenges into victories, transforming your business into a #Life Improvement Business.



Brian Benstock, GM/VP, Paragon Honda & Paragon Acura, Paragon Honda


Tracy Myers.jpg

It's Not About The Car, It's About The Experience

Tracy Myers, Dealer Prinicpal, Frank Myers AutoMaxx

"I would always pay more for a better experience. So would most of your customers." - Tracy Myers, CMD In a marketplace filled with shrinking margins, dealerships need to move away from the car buying experience being all about the commodity and make it more about the EXPERIENCE.  In his session, Tracy Myers takes the lessons he's learned from his families 90 years of successful entrepreneurship and shares how he has used them to turn his dealership into one of the most successful privately owned used car dealerships in the country.


The Future of Technology

Alan Powell, SVP Sales, Clutch Technologies

In this informative session delivered by Clutch Technologies, the leading provider of subscription technology, attendees will understand the new and innovative ways dealers can approach subscription, making it easier to get started and quicker to recognize success.

Main takeaways includes for audience members include:
1. Gain a better understanding of flexible subscription models
2. Review of the Best practices for asset utilization
3. Discover key ways to increase customer loyalty with subscription



Doug Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, Cars.com




Eliana Raggio, Digital Air Strike