Management Matters: The True Key to Your Store’s Success Story

Jessica Kain, Director of Operations, Kain Automotive

Jessica uses her experience in-dealership each week to show dealers the importance of management and their daily roles and responsibilities play on the store's digital operation. Jessica will show your team what they need to track, monitor and teach on a daily basis to improve their closing rate, ROI and overall bottom line. She will use live examples and kahoots throughout the session to make it as interactive as possible and will you will leave with a digital goodie bag filled with resources your team can use to hit the ground running when they get back to the store.

Farid Ahmad.jpeg

The Changing Buy Sell Marketplace

Farid Ahmad, President and CEO, Dealer Solutions North America

In this session we will complete a review of the Mergers and Acquisitions marketplace, including Autmotive Industry trends, Seller and Buyer profiles, Opportunities and what to consider, maximizing your investment, and expending your Business.


Creating Pay Plans That Drive Performance and Profitability

Andy Church, CEO, ASE Americas, LLC

Learn innovative ways to design pay plans that will motivate your employees, give your managers control of their Departments, and increase your Dealership's profitability.

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Dealers--It's Time to Wake UP!

Sandy Zannino, Founder, Innovative Auto HR

Dealers are in the business of selling and servicing cars—Every day, there are so many things for car dealers to juggle—Floorplan, FTC regulations, manufacturer relations & agreements, buy sells, insurance, rising interest rates, sales & leadership training, CRM, DMS contracts, facility requirements, strategizing digital retail—the list goes on and on. Who has time for HR? Yet, there you are, in the middle of your busy day of important negotiations—and the call comes. Some pain the A$$ HR issue happens to ruin it all and waste your time, rob you of your peace of mind, and bleed you of the profits you work so hard to make! In a world of #metoo and #timesup it is time for car dealers to WAKE UP. Efficient and effective HR processes are Protection for your Profits—and it’s really not rocket science. In fact, just like everything else in our business, its processes. Simple, effective, & legally compliant processes. In this session, delivered by an HR Professional with 20 years in the car business—wake up and discover that you can make a beginning to protect your profits without breaking the bank.


How to Tailor Your Brand Experience to the Decision Maker; The Woman

Katie Mares, Founder, Chief Inspiration Officer, Katie Mares Consulting

In this interactive and informative session, Katie will share her practical experiences as a female C-Suite Executive and Customer Experience Expert. She will educate the audience on the impact women have on the car buying experience as the Chief Purchasing Officer and the most influential consumer in the world. Katie will also educate the audience on the physiological differences between men and women and how to use this information to change the way you deliver the Consumer Brand Experience in your dealership to positively affect your CSI metrics, increase your retention rates, referrals, and ultimately improve your top line. She will provide the audience with five applicable takeaways to tailor your Brand Experience to the women car buyer. These five ‘how to’ tips can be actioned upon return to the dealership and will positively impact the car buying experience for the women Consumer.