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Stop the New Hire Revolving Door

Jason Volny, National Training Manager, DrivingSales

How dealers can better on-board, develop, engage with and ultimately retain its people.

Video: https://youtu.be/tHqqMh-6040

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Recruiting: To Find a Needle in a Haystack, Light it on Fire!

Jonathan Dawson, Founder & President, Sellchology

The fastest and easiest way to find a needle in a haystack is to light the whole stack on fire and then look for the burning red-hot piece of steel left behind. I’ll show how to use this approach to recruit high quality, red-hot, sales candidates. The average dealership’s recruiting process doesn’t create a gauntlet or tests for the candidate to have to earn the right to enter into our industry or to join their team. But if we don’t make candidates work to get the job, why are we so surprised when those people don’t work once they have the job? During the presentation I will show how to implement a new philosophy of effective dealership staffing: 1) Recruit constantly, 2) Hire occasionally, 3) Train consistently, 4) Provide accountability, and 5) Fire quickly. I will also share how I have helped dealerships use the “Level 3” theory of candidate quality in their recruiting. I believe there are 3 levels of candidates in the job market: 1) “I’m looking for a job” 2) “I’m looking to work,” and 3) “I’m looking to work FOR YOU!” Learn step-by-step how to identify, attract, and hire the most desirable "Level 3" candidates using the "gauntlet" approach to recruiting - which forces candidates to earn the right to get an interview. Since many dealers do not have an effective recruiting process, I will help attendees design their own. Using my "road to the hire" process, I will outline the critical steps that must be included in a hiring process. These are the same steps that helped me find and hire top-performers for clients all over the nation. You’ll also learn how to create truly unique and successful recruiting ad copy by seeing examples of effective recruiting ad campaigns and the results they created.

Video: https://youtu.be/zoS1ffOjfYA


Recruitment & Retention Strategies To Reduce Employee Turnover

Dave Druzynski, Director of Human Resources, Auto/Mate Dealership Systems

We’ve all heard about the abysmal sales turnover rates in auto dealerships: 67 % overall, 72 % in non-luxury dealerships, 88 % turnover in female sales consultants, 39 % of new sales reps are gone within 90 days of employment Dealers, you cannot afford this kind of sales turnover if you want to stay competitive. High sales turnover rates are due to the lack of a solid recruiting strategy, ineffective interviewing practices, absence of a formal onboarding process and unappealing compensation packages. If you want to find and keep the best employees, you’ve got to establish effective recruiting and hiring processes. It’s also important to foster a workplace culture that engages employees and makes them feel valued. Session attendees will learn how to: Develop a recruiting strategy that aligns with your workplace culture, Implement hiring practices to weed out liars and fakers, Develop compensation packages that appeal to today's top talent, Create a workplace culture that engages employees and drives performance and profits.

Video: https://youtu.be/ToeqJBupfSo

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Automotive Recruitment: Recruit to Retain

Craig Lockerd, Founder & President, Ernie Kasprowicz, General Manager & Joe Lockerd, Operations Director, Automax Recruiting & Training

Go behind the curtain of how to professionaly recruit, screen ,interview, on-board and retain for all positions in your dealerships. Craig Lockerd the Founder and President of AutoMax Recruiting along with minority partners Ernie Kasprowicz ,General Manager and Joe Lockerd, Operations Director. A step by step presentation that will completely change your recruiting and retention challenges

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How to Retain Your Key Employees Through Compensation & Benefits Programs

edward kim, Senior Manager and Compensation & Benefits Practice Leader, EKS&H

Employee retention continues to be a critical issue in the success of automobile dealerships throughout the country and especially Colorado, where the labor market is extremely tight (3% unemployment in Metro Denver). This workshop will identify best practices in compensation and benefits programs to help retain your key employees and incentivize them to succeed.