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Cultivating F&I Talent

Tony Dupaquier, Director, The Academy

With the evolution of customers, technology, compliance, and the industry as a whole, determining the right person for an F&I or hybrid position is becoming more and more critical. In “Cultivating F&I Talent,” workshop attendees will learn who to look for both inside and outside the dealership, as well as the most effective way to transition someone into an F&I position. Many dealerships suffer from having the wrong person in this role, but this workshop will eliminate that obstacle by discussing who to look for, what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done. Having the right person with the right onboarding sequence will ensure higher F&I numbers, better product sales, and a more positive online reputation.


4 Simple Rules to Prevent Cyber Phishing Attacks at Your Dealership

Erik Nachbahr, President & Founder, Helion Automotive Technologies

Phishing attacks are becoming more prevalent at auto dealerships. Recently a dealership experienced a phishing attack that resulted in a loss of $251,000. If you believe this won’t happen at your dealership, you are wrong. In phishing simulation tests that we have conducted, three to seven percent of dealership employees are willing to give up their credentials when prompted. In this session we will detail how the attack happened and how to stop it from happening to you. We are seeing these things happen more and more to dealerships. Its not a matter of IF this will happen, but WHEN! You cannot afford to miss this important session

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mobility, apps and Internet: the rules fo the road

Michael Dommermuth, Director, Fairfield & Woods, Christian Scali, Managing Partner, & Melanie Cliff (Joo), Partner, Scali Rasmussen

Widespread use of the Internet and mobile apps creates a dizzying array of car buying options, which require dealers to go above and beyond traditional lead generation. Gone are the days of kicking tires at the dealership and waiting hours for a car deal to finish. Many consumers are intrigued by technology that offers convenience, efficiency and home delivery of cars, and these consumers dictate their car buying service by using the Internet and/or mobile apps that strive to enhance the car buying experience. It is essential that dealers have an understanding of the regulatory hurdles faced by new marketing platforms to avoid unwanted scrutiny from regulators. In this general session, we will provide an overview of licensing, internet advertising, texting and privacy considerations, as well as the best practices to avoid consumer litigation and regulatory attention.