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Be Relevant: A Dealer's Guide to Building a Content Strategy That Works

Dane Saville, Brand and Public Relations Manager, Reunion Marketing

We'll discuss the relevance of programmatic media buying; the power of Search Console, Google Ads, and your own CRM; and the way words influence people. All of these facets contribute to building a content strategy that is relevant to in-market car shoppers.


Building a Four Step Video Plan to Dominate Your Market

Phil Sura, VP Sales Tier 3, UnityWorks

We will focus on the following key areas: 1. Leveraging video campaigns with Google and Facebook to drive sales. 2. Leveraging video campaigns with Google and Facebook to drive service. 3. Leveraging Video Lead Responses (VLR) 4. Adding video content to your website to drive engagement.


Digital Marketing Mastery

Christopher Hill, President/CEO, Overtake Digital

This session focuses primarily on the education and awareness of today’s digital marketing verticals. Chris will be covering everything from SEO, PPC, Social Media Lead Generation and more. First teaching on the basics of how each work but also diving into advances features and how to execute them in your dealership. Advanced techniques will also be covered that range from hyper targeted Youtube Preroll and even a crash course on getting your dealership into Google’s Waze advertising platform.

Right Message, Right Time; An in-depth look at branding and social advertising

Denise Casagrande, Vice President of Marketing, PCG Digital

Denise is coming to Innovative Dealer Summit to teach you how to brand like a boss. Learn how to show off the best features of your dealership (it's not always the vehicles) and deliver authentic custom messages at the right time to qualified shoppers on Social Media using custom audience creation. Social Media shoppers want their newsfeed tailored to them, and you'll leave this workshop with not only understanding how to provide that, but with the steps to get started as soon as you land home from the conference.


Video: YOU CAN DO IT!!

David Hudson, Flimmaker/Actor/Educator, D. Hudson Productions

I will teach you how to create a compelling video even if all you have is a Smart Phone. I will give tips on taking creative shots and delivering a great performance

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What is AI and Machine Learning: An entry-level discussion to define the terms and understand the impact on the industry.

Ryan Leslie, VP of Sales, Car Story

This session will define and illustrate real AI in a memorable and engaging fashion. Attendees will learn the basic principles of AI so that they are an educated consumer of the technology when it is sold to them or referenced by vendors. Finally, attendees will explore the real-world impact of AI including an extensive study of merchandising errors from 100 dealer’s inventories.

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Digital Dopamine: The four ingredients to creative marketing that consumers will crave.

April Rain, Chief Magic Officer, Fox Dealer

"Today's tech-obsessed culture and mobile mass consumption are debilitated our audience and leaving them digitally blind. Tracking the carousel of Social Media Apps where users jump on and off at a whim has become increasingly challenging. Campaign desensitization and brand disloyalty are a modern pandemic. These obstacles make Digital Marketing the media Juggernaut that feels insurmountable. Do we give up? NO!! We prevail by creating a triumphant & winning strategy that includes four key ingredients. The brain has several distinct dopamine pathways, one of which plays a significant role in the motivational component of reward-motivated behavior. The secret sauce is creating engaging campaigns that satiates that dopamine fix and intices interaction with your brand. Your audience is yearning for entertainment, and In this session, I will show you how to give it to them. Now is the time to spark that surge, to be bold, Inspiring, and above all else INTERESTING! Magic is created, not found, and it starts with resuscitating your passion for delivering a unique experience. Attend this session see real examples of how innovative companies are successfully wooing consumers and slicing through the noise."


Digital Video and the Rise of Connected TV

Joel Sesco, Adtaxi, National Director of Automotive

As a believer in the power of video, there are more options than ever to put your commercials in front of potential customers. With "cord-cutting" on the rise and an increasing number of smart devices in our homes, the reach and potential impact of traditional cable and broadcast television is declining as consumers flock to digital solutions for their TV-viewing. Learn about how Connected TV allows dealerships to stay in front of consumers who have cancelled their traditional television subscription and enables dealerships to implement a “video everywhere” strategy - reaching customers wherever they choose to consume video content.