Marketing Strategies for Vehicles that Drive More Leads

Jasen Rice, Owner, LotPop Inc

More effective pricing, comments/descriptions and marketing processes that can increase VDP exposure on your CPO vehicles and all vehicles on your lot, new or used. These best practices has helped dealers see over 500% increase in search results and vehicle detail page views on their vehicles and have helped dealers increase their sales by 20-30%.


How to Build a Competitive Advantage using Powerful Owned, Earned and Paid Marketing Strategies

Eric Miltsch, Co-founder, DealerTeamwork

Don't miss your greatest opportunity for 2017. Learn the importance of contextual marketing campaigns and the opportunities it creates to drive more in-market car buyers.


Ready, Set, STOP... Stop engaging in the race to the bottom.

Exploring the relationship between market price and merchandising.

Ryan Leslie, VP Strategic Partnerships, CarStory

This highly engaging session is going to require attendees to “put on their customer hat” and explore the consumer journey. We’ll use multiple studies to explore and provide actionable insights to the following questions: 1. Who is the customer? What drives their decisions? What are they facing as a car shopper? 2. What can analyzing 11+ years and over 250 million VINS and 10 billion price changes show dealers about the importance of merchandising features? 3. Is there such a thing as image fatigue? Can we show too many photos of a car to a customer?

Video: https://youtu.be/neVtauJem4o


The Biggest Snake Oil Scams in Digital Marketing and how to avoid them.

Jason Wiley, Vice President, Business Development, DyGen

Snake Oil isn’t sold as snake oil anymore; it’s hidden behind a veil of “technology” and it’s marketed as a widget covering up pure laziness in strategy. No matter who your digital marketing providers are (and chances are you have more than one), there are simple, actionable products and strategies that they all should be utilizing to help you reach your sales goals. Here’s an example – have you actually shared your sales data and your pump-in, pump-out records with your digital agency? If not, WHY NOT? We’ll help you see how that data alone is one of the critical cornerstones for a game changing strategy for your dealership. We’ll help you understand the basic core truths of Digital Advertising, and we’ll help you know what questions you should be asking your providers that will ultimately help you sell more cars. You’ll learn how to take your SEM, SEO and Social Media advertising to the highest level, and every insight we share with you will be something you can work on with your current provider, regardless of their technology. You will finally be able to hold your vendors accountable. Learn the recipe for success from the people who live, eat and breathe digital marketing. From the nuts and bolts of strategy to the importance of creative, we’ll show you how to get your dealership’s message in front of the people who matter.


Your Data + Online Shopping Behavior = More Sales

Joey Little, Executive Director of Digital & Social Media, AutoAlert

Math may or may not be your thing, but in this case, it’s pretty simple. By combining two very important things—information that’s already in your database and insights gained from online consumer behavior—you’ll sell more cars. Dealerships are sitting on vast amounts of data, and most of them aren’t taking advantage of the information that’s already at their fingertips. By combining valuable insights from your database with information gleaned from online shopper behaviors, you’ll supercharge sales for your dealership. Join Joey Little, AutoAlert Executive Director of Digital & Social Media, as he shares his top tips for pinpointing your most powerful data, accessing the best online customer information, and interacting with consumers to build relationships that will ensure more sales for your dealership. There’s a powerful equation you can use to build better customer relationships and sell more cars. We know today’s shoppers turn to online resources when they’re doing product research and when they’re ready to purchase. For your dealership, this means the moment to capture your audience, get to know your customers, and become a part of their buying decisions is well before they get to the dealership! In this engaging session, AutoAlert’s @SocialLittleMan shares how you can combine the power of your data with real-time online shopper insights to find your best sales opportunities. You already have what you need; now it’s time to strategically align the data to meet individualized marketplace needs. Let Joey Little show you how!

Video: https://youtu.be/O6moif3Qfr8


The Strategic Omni-Channel Digital Marketing Playbook:

How to design, set up, and optimize high performing omni-channel digital campaigns for any dealership!

Brian Kroll, Regional VP of Sales - Adtaxi

This intermediate to advanced session will delve into the key strategies for Search, Social and RTB campaigns, including best practices for targeting, optimization, and budget allocations to ensure your dealership is maximizing on your local market opportunity.

Why Marketing Remains a Mystery:

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, The Misunderstood & The Measured

Gary May, Founder/President, Interactive Marketing & Consulting Services


  • Aaron Bickhart, Executive Vice President of Sales Operations, Team Velocity Marketing
  • John Snyder, Director of Automotive, Comcast Spotlight
  • Gary Galloway, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Netsertive
Marketing has evolved to be more unique, multi-platform, targeted, measured and even relevant. However automotive advertising has, for the most part, continued to be the same, legacy-based type messaging, imagery and tag-lines. Our panel will address how dealers can (and should) embrace a more proactive approach to marketing, engagement, measurement and technology.