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Understanding the Consumer 2018: Generation Z Is Hitting the Automotive Market

Joey Little, Director of Social Strategy, AutoAlert

The upcoming generation is excited about cars – much more so than Millennials ever were. Although they’re just emerging as consumers, Generation Z is buying cars faster and younger than Millennials did, giving dealerships that can meet their needs a huge opportunity for success in the coming years. Learn proven tips and trends for reaching this valuable demographic now.


Are your marketing metrics just Hype or Actionable Insights?

Dan Moore, CEO, VistaDash

In this session you will learn what metrics are just hype and what metrics and tools can give you actionable insights to make sound adjustments to your marketing budgets. This educational session will help you better understand how to see which the difference between low and high customer shopping funnel. How to setup and inspect assisted conversions in Google Analytics, and much more.


Putting the Wheels on a Digital Strategy for Service

Colleen Harris, Earned Marketing Lead Analyst, CDK Glogal

4 Wheels to Developing a Digital Strategy to Educate Women about Auto Repairs: The 2012 Northwestern Study on the impact of customer knowledge to cost of auto repairs found that when women and men were both unsure about the cost of an auto repair, women were typically charged more than the male customer. A lack of understanding about necessary repair work lead to an inability to negotiate or know a fair repair price. So what does this mean for a dealership digital strategy? With “women represent about 65 percent of auto repair customers” according to the Automotive Maintenance and Repair association, there is huge opportunity to create a digital strategy for your dealership to educate and empower women to understand auto repair. In this session, Colleen will cover the 4 wheels for an automotive repair digital strategy.


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What is AI and how will it revolutionize the way you sell cars?

Mark Conner, SVP of Channel Strategy, LotLinx

Today, a dealer can utilize AI technology to take the guesswork out of digital marketing decisions. With AI, the machines create efficiency. Nowhere is this more true than in the automotive industry, where AI has the capability to win every micro-moment and find the perfect shopper for a specific car on a lot. From smart cars to smart ads, AI is beginning to reshape life as we know it - it’s a phenomenon reminiscent of the early days of the internet. Now is the time to make sure you understand AI and the role it will play in improving your daily decisions. This workshop will focus first on demystifying artificial intelligence, and then outlining easy AI-driven strategies that will help you sell more cars and make more gross profit per unit, this month.



Advertising isn’t rocket science… just science based.

David Regn, Founder, Stream Companies

There is a better way to identify when, where, and how to spend your advertising dollars. It's called science. Join, David Regn, as he walks you through his easy to follow, proven approach to budget allocation, advertising strategy, and performance evaluation. With years of advertising experience and clients he’s coached to #1, David will share actionable tactics to help you immediately start approaching advertising more scientifically, consistently, and with a sound strategy.

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A Simple And Cost Effective Video Marketing Strategy For Every Dealership Website

Tim james, coo, flick fusion

This session will discuss some basic video marketing strategies that your dealership can easily, and cost effectively, implement that will generate immediate increases in your website's core KPI's. Resulting in more leads, more appointments, more shows, and more sales.

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Implementing an Omnichannel Strategy: How to increase the efficiency of your digital marketing!

Joel Sesco, National Director of Automotive, Adtaxi

With an omnichannel setup, the whole can be worth more than just the sum of its pieces. In this session, learn why a single, cohesive digital marketing strategy that optimizes across digital products is a better solution for your dealership than a piece-by-piece mashup of marketing platforms, each one operating separately from the others. Bring your dealership higher returns from your digital marketing by learning how to leverage the correct platform to target the correct people at the correct time.


Looking back from the sale: Conversion insights for you and your competition

Amy Hughes, Sr Director, Dealer Intelligence, Experian

Amy Hughes, senior director dealer intelligence, will present findings from a new study that shows how data and analytics transforms the way that dealers operate, enabling them to make smarter decisions on how to optimize and refine their advertising budget. The study highlights online activities of high-value users (HVUs) – web site visitors who are truly in market and likely to buy in the near future, as well as which marketing activities lead directly to sales by taking a nationwide view of automotive retail numbers and the marketing activities that are most effective.