As a valued participant of the Innovative Dealers Summit, CADA would like to invite you to an exclusive presenter’s dinner the night before the conference on Monday, April 3rd 2017 at 5:30pm. If you are a sponsor and are not presenting, then two people from your company are invited at no cost. Each person must RSVP individually. RSVPs will not be accepted after March 15th 2017.

The dinner will be held at the Colorado Auto Dealers Association offices located at 290 E. Speer Blvd. Buses will be at the Embassy Suites at 5:00pm to bring guests over to CADA, second bus will leave 15 or 20 min. after first bus departs.  Buses will be parked on 1420 Stout Street by Main Entrance of hotel.

If you have any questions please email Arnold Tijerina, at

[1/28/16, 3:11 PM] Lindsay Kwaselow (Lindsay@digitalra