Advanced Google Analytics for Measuring Campaign Success

George Nenni, Principal Consultant, Generations Digital

Too many dealerships continue to rely on agency or vendor reporting for determining the success of their digital marketing campaigns. These agency reports often focus on the wrong metrics and fail to tell the entire story of campaign success or failure. Progressive dealers are embracing Google Analytics to allow them to measure campaigns success, and hold their agencies accountable. While an increasing number of dealerships are embracing Google Analytics, fewer dealers have a strong framework for measuring the success of their advertising campaigns. This session will assume a basic working knowledge of Google Analytics and will discuss specific advanced reporting that will allow the dealer to definitively know if campaigns, or paid referral traffic is delivering strong return on investment. Key takeaways for dealers from this session: Attendees will learn how to assess whether the paid campaigns are properly tagged for tracking by inspecting the Other and Direct Google Analytics channels for the dealership, If campaign tagging is needed, attendees will learn how to approach and accomplish this task through your agency or in-house provider, Learners will be taught how to use three (3) critical and advanced techniques for measuring campaign success, that when used together can tell the entire story of whether a campaign is a success, or a failure. These reports include: Custom reports for paid search, paid social and referral traffic with key engagement fields added, Behavior Flow reporting, using standard and custom Segments, showing the user flow, drop-off points and rates of drop-off, Cohort Analysis reporting, using standard and custom Segments, showing tendency for paid traffic to return in subsequent days.

Computers Coming for Your Job? Think Again, My Friend.

Ilana Shabtay, Director of Business Development, AutoLeadStar

You may have heard that computers are coming for our jobs. With automation advancing in every industry, it seems that, eventually, many human tasks will be eliminated– and with them, many jobs. The truth is that automation isn't coming for our jobs. Instead, it’s going to help us do our jobs better so we can scale and personalize customer experiences. Think about it: we know we need to personalize and target ad campaigns, customer engagement, and follow-up. But we can only spend so much time pulling lists, building audiences, and writing copy. Eventually, we are forced to limit scaling because we only have so many hours in the day. In this session, we will explore the technological advancements coming to automotive that maximize what computers are good at– so that humans can do the creative, high-value work they’re good at. We will examine industry changes with an eye toward maximizing growth and creativity for superior customer engagement that dramatically scales dealership efforts and boosts bottom lines.


How to Build the Perfect Landing Page

Erika Simms, Vice President, Dealer Authority

While the typical mobile user will only wait up to three seconds for a site to load, on average they'll also only spend a total of 10 to 20 seconds on your site. That's an alarmingly short window to make a stunning first impression. Because it's so important to grasp your visitor's attention within that minimal amount of time, it's becoming increasingly more important to ensure the pages you are landing them on are multipurpose and attention-grabbing from the very start. In this session, we will dive into creating engaging and elegant landing pages that are not only effortless to build but also painlessly optimized for SEO and mobile. You spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year sending traffic to your site, so why wouldn't take the next step to ensure it's not bouncing away after just three seconds? Primary Learning Objectives: Discover techniques to create landing pages that help move customers through the funnel and convert. Learn how to optimize your pages for mobile. Learn how to create Metrix for your pages to measure success.


Adding Hours to Your Day - Use the Right Tools to Find the Right Answers

Matt Reid, President, Clarivoy
Helen Moss, Customer Success Manager, Clarivoy

You realize you have plenty of data at your fingertips but are you using it efficiently? Are you asking the right questions? Do you know where to go to get those (right) answers? Join Helen Moss and Matt Reid of Clarivoy, as they dive into the essential elements of digital marketing measurement. Walk away with a practical understanding of what you can and cannot measure with confidence, and best practices that will save you time and defend you from analysis paralysis.