Attribution for Dummies

Steve White, CEO, Clarivoy

Attribution. It’s currently the hottest “buzzword” in the Automotive Marketing space. But do you know what it is and how you can use it to improve the results of your marketing? To ensure that you’re getting the optimal results from your advertising spend, it’s very important that you not only use attribution, but that you use the best type of attribution model for your business so you can more efficiently manage your marketing budget with better results. During his session, Steve will 1) Help you understand what attribution is and why it is critical for your dealership 2) Explain the different types of attribution models and explain which ones provide the most accurate picture of your marketing ROI and 3) Provide case studies that show how other dealers are using attribution to make better marketing decisions.


Off the Merry-Go-Round and Into the Showroom!

Scott Pechstein, Vice President of National Sales, Autobytel

Today’s consumers are barraged with so many websites, so much information, and an endless sea of advertising. The information age has become the indecision age, creating a phenomenon called the merry-go-round effect. Consumers spend 17 hours on the digital merry-go-round, at dozens of websites, researching 360 different makes and models which leads to confusion about which car to buy and from which dealer to buy it. This workshop pushes the “emergency stop button” on the digital merry-go-round, breaking through the clutter and giving dealers actionable advice to drive car buyers to their websites and lots, and straight into their cars.



Analysis by Paralysis

Mike Flanagan, VP of Sales, Propel Marketing

The polluted waters of advertising have turned most companies inside out. This session will teach you how to learn and hold your advertising dollars accountable for actionable results. We are all approached by many advertising firms to spend money, claiming they are different then the competition. Find out in this session how you can determine what generates the best ROI!


Prioritizing Marketing Channels According To Metallica

Shaun Raines, Vice President of Business Development, DealerOn

Metallica probably hasn’t changed how your dealership finds, attracts and attains visitors, but digital marketing has. The digital world presents challenges that leave many dealers confused when it comes to prioritizing their options. You won’t have to be a Metallica fan to enjoy the guts and power woven into this presentation, but it certainly won’t hurt. What will hurt are the results of dealers who fail to understand the differences between the digital channels they’re investing in. This session includes case study information from dealers using display ads, video ads, social ads, SEO and SEM. This data will allow you to acquire powerful knowledge that will enable you to begin prioritizing your own digital marketing efforts as soon as you return to your dealership.