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Imperative KPI's for Retail Success

GianCarlo Asong, ceo, foxdealer

The goal of every dealership is to be as profitable as possible. With that in mind, our industry needs to have a conscious thought around which metrics matter. It's important to agree on real KPI's and how they actually impact the steps from click to sale, and everything between. Understanding your digital metrics is important, but the only quantifiable metric at the end of the day is how many opportunities were delivered to your sales team. The best start to this is to review which KPI's drive the best cost per contact, then use these metrics to convert the most opportunities. In this session, you'll gain a deeper understanding of metrics that define of digital marketing, how these metrics describe success, what truly leads to ROI, and how your team can start implementing these simple practices today.

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The Heavy Metal Guide To A Better Dealership Website: How To Identify and Improve Conversion, Site Speed and UX

Shaun Raines

Coming soon!

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How to win the race to the top of local search results

Greg Gifford, VP of Search, DealerOn

Every vehicle purchase, regardless of the resulting lead submission source, starts with a Google search. If your dealership isn't visible when customers start their buying journey, you're not going to be an option. Local SEO is an absolute necessity for any dealership that wants to ensure maximum visibility in local searches. In this session, Greg will explain how Local SEO is different from traditional SEO, and then walk through the most important factors that influence relevancy in local searches. After pointing out the important factors, he'll explain exactly how to optimize each signal. He'll also explain how to find and optimize the new "phantom" department listings that have appeared for most dealerships early this year. Dealers will leave with a detailed step-by-step playbook for local search domination in 2018.


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To VDP Or Not To VDP

Owen Moon, CEO, Dealer Accelerator

VDP marketing has proven to be an effective strategy when done correctly. But should all marketing be VDP focused? In my session we will look at many different marketing strategies like Google Adwords, Facebook, Craigslist, 3rd Party Inventory Listings, Geofencing, even Website Retargeting. Then we will decide if each of these strategies should be focused on driving shoppers to the Vehicle Details Page or somewhere else within the dealerships website.