Lt. Col. (ret.) Rob ‘Waldo’ Waldman - The Wingman
is a professional leadership speaker and author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Fly Solo.

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SESSION TITLE: NEVER FLY SOLO!® Lead with Courage, Build Trusting Partnerships, and Reach New Heights in Business

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Flying solo? You might think so. But take a good look around. You have support staff and managers. You have suppliers, vendors, and distributors. And you have colleagues, family members and significant others. Today in our super charged, highly competitive world of constant change, those who build trust and work as a team will dodge the missiles of adversity and win. By committing yourself to excellence and placing your trust in those around you, you can overcome obstacles, adapt to change, and break performance barriers during adverse times. By placing trust in your wingmen and by being a wingman to others, there is no mission you can't complete!

BIO: Lt. Col. (ret.) Rob "Waldo" Waldman, The Wingman, overcame a lifelong battle with claustrophobia and a fear of heights to become a combat decorated Air Force fighter pilot and highly successful businessman, entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author. His motto is Winners Never Fly Solo! Through captivating stories, group interaction, and high-energy videos, learn how you, like a fighter pilot, can succeed in highly competitive and demanding environments.

Discover how to prepare diligently for every mission; employ loyal wingmen to promote integrity and mutual support; and lead your team with courage, compassion and conviction. Be inspired to take to the skies knowing that you have wingmen to help you face challenges and change with confidence while maximizing your potential in all aspects of your life.
Jeremy Anspach
Co-Founder & CEO
SESSION TITLE: Dominate Digital: Moving Inventory in the Digital Age

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The digital universe is filled with irrelevant, unorganized data. During this session with PureCars CEO & Co-Founder, Jeremy Anspach, you’ll learn how to optimize your overall digital strategy to move your customers from their computer chair to the driver's seat. Traditional advertising drives people to conduct online learning, making it more important than ever to have a digital stance that keeps your competitors from intercepting your business.

Technology has enabled us to take stances that determine the ideal vehicles to market, in the ideal zip codes, to the consumers most likely to purchase. Dealers can only do so much to compete in a rapidly changing industry, but with the right strategy and the right approach, we have the power to not just do, but to dominate.

BIO: Jeremy, a Detroit native and renowned industry speaker, has a deep understanding of the automotive industry and how the digital age has shifted consumer behavior. Armed with the industry's most extensive data library, Jeremy founded PureCars in 2007. His drive and passion has led PureCars to become one of only six automotive Google Premier SMB Partners, powering digital for over 3,000 dealers across the country.
Danny Benites
General Manager
Greg Lair Buick GMC

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SESSION TITLE: Retention Deficit Disorder...and other dealership maladies

SESSION DESCRIPTION: In this session, Danny will take a holistic approach at diagnosing and treating conditions that threaten the health of our dealerships. He will cover specific ways to achieve balance in your management that will ultimately result in the long-term health of your store.
  • Creating a "One Customer" Mindset
  • Loyal Employees = Loyal Customers
  • Customer Loyalty Programs -vs- Programming Customer Loyalty
  • Balancing Inward and Outward Marketing Dollars

BIO: Danny Benites first began in the Automobile Industry in 1985 after attending Texas Tech University where he studied Public Relations and Advertising. He is currently the General Manager at Greg Lair Buick GMC near Amarillo, Tx. and has been a Dealer Principal and a consultant. Danny has also become a ‘go-to’ guy in the industry through his blogs and contributions to major automotive publications.

Danny has nearly tripled retail sales and doubled the fixed operations during his tenure at Greg Lair while actually decreasing his total advertising budget. He has transformed three franchise dealerships with his unconventional ideas and fearless management style. Danny spent two and a half years as a stand-up comic and has performed with several nationally renowned comedians and travelled with several improv groups. Having held almost every position in the dealership, Danny brings a wealth of knowledge as well as humorous perspective. Don’t let the sense of humor fool you, when it comes to rebuilding a dealership and it’s culture, he means business.
Kendall Billman, MBA
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer/Founder

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SESSION TITLE: Welcome to the Experience Economy: Expand Your Brand at a Lower Cost of Marketing

SESSION DESCRIPTION: In the current economy, Customer Experience wins. Understanding how to engage the automotive consumer at critical moments in the buyer journey is key to delivering a customer experience that expands both your brand, and your bottom line. The online behaviors of targeted consumer demographics are well documented, and those insights reveal how sales and marketing strategies must adapt.

Customer Experience Management is critical to the success of today’s automotive dealer. Consumers must be met where they are with the information they seek from sources they trust. New technology is enabling us to do this more easily and effectively than ever before.

Backed by real car-buyer data across 3 million consumers, Kendall Billman will demonstrate a new strategy designed to make it simple for dealers to engage buyers at critical moments in their decision-making process, allowing them to deliver a customer experience that exceeds expectations and grows bottom line. Attendees will be given the tools to build their brand and gain the knowledge needed to deliver the exceptional Customer Experience today’s consumer demands.

BIO:Kendall Billman currently serves as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for, a technology company he founded to further his personal mission: helping automotive dealerships successfully leverage the potential of digital and content marketing. A sought-after industry speaker, Billman brings more than 20 years of industry expertise to his audience, having successfully consulted with more than a thousand dealerships representing high-profile OEMs, most recently Ford, Honda, Kia, Lexus and Toyota. His extensive knowledge of all tiers of the industry has made him a sought-after market advisor both in the US and internationally, including both Australia and Canada. Billman has a proven track record of creating multi-language content sites and successfully building Group Association sites. He has dedicated his career to discovering and developing technology to simplify the implementation of effective lead generation, SEO, SEM, social media and CRM initiatives.
Larry Bruce
SESSION TITLE: Inbound Marketing… Why You Don’t Get To "UP" Customers Anymore

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The Internet has transformed the car buying experience. It’s no longer necessary for consumers to come to your lot to shop. Most consumers prefer to start their car shopping online visiting the numerous third-party listing portals and dealership websites before even making their car buying intentions known to a dealer. On average, dealer’s websites see 2,500 unknown IP addresses visiting and then leaving without initiating any sort of contact and without the dealership being able to initiate any with them. You no longer get to “up” these customers – they have to “up” you by starting the conversation. Make no mistake, your marketing is more important than your salespeople. Customers are savvier than they have ever been in history making decisions on what to buy, what to pay and where to buy it before they ever make contact. In my session, I will show you how to use Inbound Marketing techniques to get these customers to start a conversation with you. I will show you proven techniques that dealerships can use in their marketing strategies that will increase conversions, give you the opportunity to engage more customers and sell more cars. Key takeaways from my session will include:
  1. What Inbound Marketing is and how to implement it.
  2. >How to find and develop a targeted audience of relevant in-market shoppers.
  3. How to get your customers to start conversations with you earlier in the process giving you advantages over your competition.
  4. The 6 channels of marketing integration and how to use them effectively.
  5. How automated lead management can help you connect with your customers faster and more consistently than any salesperson or BDC ever could.

BIO: Larry Bruce is President & CEO of OnlineDrive the automotive industries first and only In-Bound Marketing Platform, and former Vice President of Managed Marketing Solutions for Reynolds and Reynolds, Founder, President & CEO of AIMData an industry leading data management and CRM company based in Houston TX. Larry has 16+ years retail automotive management experience in dealerships all across the U.S. Over the past 8 years Larry’s company AIMData has helped hundreds of dealerships increase sales and customer retention.
Steve Cottrell
CEO and Founder
SESSION TITLE: Consumer Data: The Importance Of Restricting Access To It, Protecting It And Your Dealership

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Join us for a short 20-minute session with Steve Cottrell, CEO and Founder of DealerVault, to listen to his passion about protecting dealer interests. He’ll share stories of successful and unsuccessful engagements in the industry and why it’s imperative to protect and insure YOUR dealership from the exposure and liability in today’s volatile market.

BIO: Steve has more than thirty-five years of experience in the automotive industry with the latter fifteen focused on automotive technology and e-commerce.

The first fifteen years of his career were in sales and management positions in the highly competitive Northern California retail automotive market. Experience and lessons gleaned from the many years in an extremely competitive market were invaluable to Steve as he advanced into the role of North American Marketing Manager and Senior Consultant in the automotive training and process improvement fields with Half a Car. During the ten years spent with Half a Car, Steve also spearheaded eight new start-up and e-business offerings.

Eager to gain more industry experience, Steve took on the role of Executive Vice President of Sales at It was within this role that Steve gained industry-wide recognition due to his commitment to the retail dealer through the origination of the first technology based lead scrub and verification process for commercial online lead generation systems that forever set the benchmark for the industry.

After his time spent with, Steve committed his full attention to entrepreneurial ventures and built the largest privately-held data polling company, Authenticom, Inc. Authenticom, Inc. remains renowned for being the leading innovator in dealer data integration throughout North America.

Driving innovation within the automotive industry, Steve has recently contrived a new vision and solution, DealerVault. DealerVault has changed the automotive data distribution paradigm of old by shifting data control and access into the hands of dealerships. This changes empowers dealerships with control over the protection of their most valuable asset, their data. With great conviction, Steve advocates that the DealerVault solution puts the control where it belongs, with the dealers, and enables them to have a real and meaningful participation in how and where their data is used and monetized.
Erich K. Gail
Chief Operating Officer
Cardinale-Group of Companies

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SESSION TITLE: Dealer-to-Dealer

SESSION DESCRIPTION: "Sales – Science – Success" of ZERO MOMENT Retail from the #5 highest sales volume eDealer in North America. Retail Automotive Sales continues to transform with each passing month – the science of our success and operational complexity of our industry are challenges we all face – hear from an industry leader of an award winning Automotive Group who will share compelling insights and immediate-actionable-items which will provide recurring gains in unit sales, transaction gross and net profit.

BIO: Erich K. Gail is the Chief Operating Officer of the Cardinale-Group of Companies. In this capacity Mr. Gail is the Chief Operating Officer of the Cardinale Automotive Group Chief Executive Officer of Cardinale AG Vehicle Supply Group – North America and Chief Executive Officer of ZMOT Automotive Digital Velocity. Mr. Gail is a 24-year veteran of the global automotive industry having served in a variety of executive and senior leadership roles within a vast array of management and investment groups. Mr. Gail has extensive experience developing new business operations as well as enhancing the performance of mature organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Korea and Japan.
John Krafcik
Director and President
SESSION TITLE: Millennials, Mobile , and Manufacturer Incentives

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Three terms constantly used in discussions on the future of car buying are Millennials, Mobile, and Manufacturer Incentives. Joh Krafcik will tie the three together in an attempt to show how individually and collectively the three will interact to impact the immediate future of the automotive industry

BIO: John Krafcik is an automotive executive with leadership experience at Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and TrueCar, who’s worked in all aspects of the industry:
— Manufacturing, where he coined the term “lean production” after his first automotive job as a manufacturing engineer at the GM-Toyota joint-venture called NUMMI
— Product development, where he was chief engineer for Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator during the halcyon days of the sport-utility
— Sales, marketing, and overall business leadership in his role as President and CEO of Hyundai Motor America during that brand’s remarkable evolution over the last 10 years. While at Hyundai, John and his team re-crafted the product lineup, design strategy, marketing strategy, and the reputation of the company, while increasing sales 80% and doubling top-line revenue.

John is passionate about transformative ideas that make products and consumer experiences with them better, especially at the intersection of auto and tech. He’s hitting his stride in that regard as a Director and President of TrueCar, where he is responsible for the core business and launching new business lines such at TrueTrade and Private Targeted Offers. His current passion is helping automakers and dealers improve the efficiency of the $70 billion they spend in the U.S. on marketing and incentives.

John holds an M.S. in Management from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and lives in Santa Monica California.
Gary May
SESSION TITLE: Hiring and Retaining Top Talent: A Panel With Award-Winning Colorado Based Employers

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The automotive industry has access to other verticals it can learn greatly from. When it comes to recruiting, hiring, training and retaining employees, there are solid examples available of how to improve one of our greatest pain points: finding and keeping great individuals. Our panelists will discuss a range of strategies and mindsets when it comes to creating the right culture and environment plus attracting the right candidate in this changing business environment. From economic pressures, to legislation and employers rights, to talent pool and where to find them, automotive retail can learn much from other leaders who have created workplaces that thrive amid competition and resource limitations. Our hope is that you leave with a phrase other than “there’s no quality people available”.

BIO: Gary May founded IM@CS in 2007 with a focus on helping dealerships and OEMs with digital marketing, eCommerce, process and branding. The company also added social media management and sales training in 2008. Focusing on best practices for marketing and lead management, Gary's passion for businesses in the automotive space coincides with his no-holds barred approach to business management. Featured as a speaker at automotive events including DrivingSales Executive Summit, JD Power & Associates and PCG, a blogger and recognized dealer advocate, he and his company focus their strengths and attention on making progressive dealerships unique in a time where there are more constraints being enforced, limiting franchises.

Up to the launch of IM@CS, Gary’s experience included tenures with, eVox Productions, and izmocars with his entire focus being on digital automotive since 2000.

Gary is an avid traveler and cyclist and can be reached at
Thein Nyo
VP of Sales
Maverick Document Signings Inc.
Calvin Nyo
Account Representative
Maverick Document Signings Inc.
Thein Nyo
VP of Sales
Maverick Document Signings Inc.

Calvin Nyo
Account Representative
Maverick Document Signings Inc.

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SESSION TITLE: Safely Pursue Offsite Deals by Improving Your Red Flag Compliancy

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Back in 2008 a mandate was passed called the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act. This act made it mandatory for auto dealerships to “establish a written Identity Theft Prevention Program” also known as Red Flag Compliance. “Dealerships who fail to create and maintain a good faith compliance effort run the risk of” having the Federal Trade Commission perform discovery on the dealership and impose ”fines for each violation of the law.” Section 114 of the FACT Act simply states that “fraud alerts provide a vital service by issuing warnings about information that appears to be genuine on the customer’s application, but may be questionable.”

This sets the ground work for our discussion on how following these guidelines by imposing simple safeguards and easy to implement protocols can drastically improve the way your store does business with minimal cost. Also, we’ll talk about the plots that criminals have tried on other stores. We’ll analyze where the dealership succeeded in detecting Red Flags and where others have failed in these case studies. Reaching out to new customer doesn’t have to be risky, our analysis will improve a dealership’s primary market area by showing you how to virtually eliminate the risk.

Thein Nyo BIO: Thane came to the US in 1967 from Rangoon, Burma with his family. He grew up in a barn in Pennsylvania where his parents could only afford the shirts on their back. Thane later attended Miami University of Ohio, after of which he moved to California.

Thane brings over twenty-five years of automotive experience and knowledge, ten of which he was the General Sales Manager at Inifiniti of South Bay in Torrance California. He’s built strong relationships with auto retail giants such as AutoNation, Penske, Van Tuyl, and many others, as well as financial lenders like Bank of America, Porsche Financial, and Auto Dealer Advisory’s.

Recognizing a boom from internet sales, Thane and his partners saw a need for auto dealers to quickly, securely, and accurately pursue these online sales and expand their primary market area. Thane understood that financial lenders wanted a safe way for their dealerships to go about their business while maintaining a long and trusting relationship. In 2008 he and his partners founded Maverick Document Signings Inc. where it is the nation’s first automotive signings service geared for auto dealers.

Calvin Nyo BIO: Calvin is a 2013 graduate from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Business Legal Studies. His course work included “Commercial Law”, “Internet Legal Issues”, “Law for Small Business”, and more. Using his educational background and skills gained through the workforce, Calvin joined Maverick Document Signings Inc. in 2014 with his father Thane, to protect automotive businesses by helping them understand their legal environment.
Jack Simmons
Manager, Dealer Training
SESSION TITLE: Rescuing Service Profits

SESSION DESCRIPTION: "Rescuing Service Profits" will educate dealers on the current service landscape and uncover how dealers are losing ground to independent service shops and chains. Based on findings from recent research studies, Jack Simmons will show dealers how to reverse this trend and get customers back in the dealership service lanes to increase their revenue and profits. This session will detail the amount of service revenue opportunities dealers are losing out on, why consumers are going to competitors, and then provides solutions to help dealers win back service market share. One key area of focus includes how to best engage Millennials in this arena. Owners, GMs, and Service Managers will be able get actionable takeaways from this presentation that they can immediately apply to their operations.

BIO: Jack Simmons is a Dealer Training Manager at Prior to joining, Simmons served as the Vice President of Automotive Solutions for WorldNow, where he was the primary architect behind the company’s automotive vertical. Simmons also has served as a National Dealer Trainer for, where he managed and developed training programs for dealers, manufacturers and state automotive associations.
Jack has more than 25 years of automotive industry experience and has trained 96,000 automotive professionals during his career. He has spoken before NADA Dealer 20 Groups and has served as a workshop presenter at numerous industry events, including NADA, NIADA and national BHPH conferences.
Mark Tewart
Tewart Enterprises Inc.

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SESSION TITLE: Death of the Traditional Dealership and Salesperson

SESSION DESCRIPTION: In this session Mark will give you the critical question all leaders will have to ask and answer to be successful. Mark will share changes you can make in the "Road to the sale" to match today’s marketplace. Attendees will learn the top dos and don’ts in leadership and sales to increase productivity and sales.

BIO: Mark Tewart is a recognized expert and thought leader on sales, sales management and the automotive industry. Mark has been in the automotive industry for over three decades in sales, leasing, F&I, general manager, speaker, trainer and consultant. Mark is author of the best seller, "How To Be A Sales Superstar" and is a longtime Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and The Authors Guild.
Brent Albrecht
National Sales Director
SESSION TITLE: Using Hyper Targeted Facebook Ads to drive website traffic and leads at the dealership.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: How much are your spending every month on direct mail campaigns targeted to specific demographics you think you can't reach any other way? What about Google adwords - How much are you spending per click to get qualified traffic to your website? While many dealers are familiar with using Facebook ads to promote a post or run a Like campaign, most do not realize how many options exist to target very specific demographics in your local market with Facebook Ads. Are you a BMW dealer? How about running an ad that reaches only BMW owners in a 10 mile radius around your store...better yet, think conquest advertising and I'll show you how to target Lexus and Mercedes owners too. When you mail a letter or a postcard, do you target by Age, Income, or lifestyle events? Learn how to do that with Facebook ads at a $5 CPM...MUCH lower than your cost to print, address and mail a postcard. Finally, you'll learn how to plan the right budget for these campaigns, and run reports and track conversions to determine your real ROI. Come and see me at the Innovative Dealer Summit and I'll how you how to do it all.

BIO: Brent Albrecht, National Sales Director at Friendemic has spent the last 5 years in Social Media Marketing, and 20+ years in Digital Marketing and Advertising. Brent has his MBA in Marketing Management. He developed the first Internet department and website for Copley Chicago Newspapers in ‘96, and launched their Direct Marketing division. Brent developed key strategic online partnerships with Automotive partners (WWWheels and, Recruiting ( and retail verticals. He also taught Integrated Marketing Communications at Aurora University.
Kelly Carven
National Sales Manager
HookLogic, AutoHook
SESSION TITLE: Top mobile trends for 2015

SESSION DESCRIPTION: With 25% of car shoppers using only a smartphone to shop, compare and research their next vehicle prior to visiting a dealership, it’s imperative that dealers have a strong game plan around their marketing and consumer experience on mobile devices. To add, more than 60% of shoppers use a smartphone while visiting a dealership and studies show that 62% of them will leave your store to visit another within a day. Strategies surrounding showrooming and mobile usage is ever more important these days, especially as mobile becomes an even bigger part of the auto shopping experience.

BIO: Kelly Carven holds the title National Sales Manager at HookLogic, AutoHook. She has always been motivated by helping dealerships grow their business. She has consulted with hundreds of dealerships regarding many aspects of the business such as online digital advertising, PPC, retargeting, inventory management, pricing, merchandising, stocking, appraising and more. She is a high energy professional with a proven history of success.

Prior to joining the team at HookLogic, Kelly spent almost a decade with the AutoTrader Group at both and vAuto companies. She held the title Business Development Executive of the Year in 2011, helping well over 100 new dealer clients get started.

She is an identical twin and currently resides in her home state of New Jersey with her husband, two year old son and Lakeland Terrier. She is very competitive and loves staying busy by cooking, spending time family and friends, doing crafts with her son, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, travel and learning new things. She holds a degree in Business Administration and a minor in marketing from Kings College in PA.
Michael J. Dommermuth
Fairfield and Woods

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SESSION TITLE: Recalls and Colorado Advertising Regulations: What every dealer needs to know about recall buying, selling, servicing and dealing with manufacturers.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: This program will provide practical advice on dealing with the legal problems created by recalls. Dealers will learn about the disclosures that need to be made in selling vehicles subject to recall, compensation due from manufacturers for recalls and the risks involved in selling recalled vehicles that have not been repaired. This session will also include information Colorado Dealer advertising regulations and recent enforcement activity by the Colorado Auto Industry Division against Dealers who do not include Dealer Fees in advertised prices.

BIO: Michael J. Dommermuth is a commercial lawyer, with more than 30 years experience, who helps businesses avoid and resolve disputes. His practice includes counseling and representing businesses in contract disputes, business torts, covenant-not-to-compete disputes, commercial real estate disputes, creditor representation in bankruptcy, consumer class actions, and breach of fiduciary duty claims.

A significant portion of Michael’s practice is devoted to representing automobile dealerships in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain West. He represents dealer clients in a variety of areas, including drafting contracts, litigation, buy-sell and finance issues, consumer disputes and related litigation, manufacturer disputes, new point protests, federal and state compliance, bankruptcy, real estate issues, contract disputes, commercial torts, floor plan review and negotiation, and covenant-not-to-compete litigation. Michael co-authored the Colorado Dealer Compliance Guide in 2011. The Compliance Guide is a comprehensive guide to state law issues for Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealers published by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association. He is a frequent speaker for the Colorado Automobile Dealer Association and the National Association of Dealer Counsel. Michael is also a member of the National Association of Dealer Counsel Board of Directors.

Fairfield and Woods provides full service representation for automobile dealers in Colorado and throughout the Rocky Mountain West. With a focus on efficiency and service, the firm strives to help each client with its unique needs in the areas of corporate, real estate, litigation, and wealth and succession planning. Our litigation team handles matters including, manufacturer, commercial, bankruptcy and consumer disputes, as well as class actions. We also provide general business representation including, entity formation, tax planning and disputes, buy-sell representation and real estate.
Dave Druzynski
Director of Human Resources
Auto/Mate Dealership Systems

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SESSION TITLE: Social Media in Hiring & Employment

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The use of social media in hiring and employment has been a hot topic lately, and recently car dealers have been finding themselves on the losing end in court battles. Why is this? The laws and regulations haven't been able to keep pace with emerging social media technologies, and courts are rarely siding with employers.

Have you or your managers ever "Googled" a job applicant, or checked out their Twitter or Facebook profile? By doing so, you may have accessed information that is protected by law such as age, race, disabilities and more. Having accessed this information can land you on the wrong end of a discrimination lawsuit.

As it relates to your current employees, have you ever disciplined an employee for posting a disparaging remark online about a manager or your dealership? Do you have a policy in place requiring that all dealership personnel be courteous to one another? Recent court cases have determined that these practices are illegal.

    Attendees will learn the following:
  1. The current laws that impact your dealership's use of social media as it relates to job applicants, the hiring process and current employees
  2. How courts are currently interpreting these laws and how they affect dealers' decision making
  3. How to craft a social media policy that will allow a dealership to take advantage of the tools available to them while remaining out of legal trouble

BIO: David Druzynski is a senior business and HR leader with experience in a variety of industries. He has earned the prestigious distinction as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR). David is currently the Director of Human Resources and a member of the senior management team at Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, where he oversees strategic HR planning, talent management, employee engagement, leadership development, benefits and compensation, and legal and regulatory compliance.
Tony Dupaquier
Director of Training
American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc.
SESSION TITLE: Techniques on increasing F&I product sales to the Gen Y and Millennial customer.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Dealerships today have adapted to the Millennial and Gen Y customer on the sales of the vehicle, however most dealerships are not working as effectively as they can with this customer base in the Business Office. Millennial F&I will give proven strategies on how to educate, speak to, present and close the largest group of car buyers in the market today.

BIO: As Director of Training for American Financial & Automotive Services, Inc.’s F&I University, Tony is responsible for the content, direction and marketing for the F&I University’s training curriculum. Tony conducts various F&I and Advanced F&I workshops throughout the year in locations nationwide.

Tony earned a Communications degree from Sam Houston State University prior to beginning his retail automotive career in 1990 as a salesperson in Houston, TX. Before joining the American Financial team in 2000, Tony held the positions of Salesperson, Business Manager, Fleet Sales Manager, Sales Manager, and General Manager.

Throughout his retail sales career, Tony was consistently a top producer as well as a multi-year recipient of numerous manufacturer awards. In 1995, Tony earned the prestigious title of Nissan National Walk-Around Champion.

Considered the industry’s most forward thinking F&I developer, Tony is a featured columnist in F&I Showroom, Auto Dealer Monthly and CBT Magazines and you may have seen his video segments distributed to thousands of subscribers via the same magazines websites and emails.

Tony has presented to various 20 groups, manufacturer, state, national and international dealer associations, and has been a featured workshop presenter at the 2009-2014 NADA Convention and was the only F&I presenter at the 2015 NADA Convention. Tony is the master of ceremonies of the Annual F&I Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
Todd Fredrickson
Regional Managing Partner
Fisher & Phillips LLP
SESSION TITLE: Employee Defection: How to Stop and Catch a Thief

SESSION DESCRIPTION: What can and should dealers do to protect their trade secrets and confidential information? To protect against having their employees pirated away by a former employee? This session will provide an overview of what constitutes a trade secret, what tools dealers can use to protect their confidential information and trade secrets and employees, and what factors courts consider in determining whether restrictive covenants are enforceable.
    What you’ll learn at this session
  • A thorough understanding of whether and under what circumstances management and non-management employees need to sign agreements that prevent them from going to a competitor
  • How to prevent former employees from soliciting customers and employees
  • How to prevent former employees from disclosing dealer trade secrets and confidential information
  • Practical solutions on how to draft and implement these types of agreements and provisions into your existing employment practices

BIO: Todd Fredrickson is managing partner of the Denver office of Fisher & Phillips LLP, and represents employers in various matters arising under Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Family Medical Leave Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), and the Fair Labor Standard Act.

Todd defends employers against claims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, and disability. Much of his practice focuses on training supervisors, managers, and other employees on such issues as sexual harassment, discrimination, employee discipline and discharge, and investigation of employee grievances. Todd regularly counsels clients on developing and enforcing proper policies, employee handbooks, employment and compensation agreements, and compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws. He also is one of few Denver labor attorneys who practice traditional labor law, representing employers in union campaigns, contract negotiations, grievance arbitrations and unfair labor practice charges.

Todd is "AV" Peer Review Rated by Martindale-Hubbell and has been included in the Colorado Super Lawyers list since 2006. He has also been listed in Chambers USA, America's Leading Business Lawyers since 2009 and in The Best Lawyers in America since 2012. He was recognized as an Employment Law – Management Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in America for 2014. Todd was also selected as a BTI Consulting Group Client Service All-Star for 2011 and has been named the "People's Choice" selection as the Best Employment Lawyer in Barrister's Best by Law Week Colorado every year since 2011.
Glen Garvin
Vice President
Dominion Dealer Solutions

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SESSION TITLE: Merchandising Secrets

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Using data-driven research, this presentation will give dealers practical advice on how to maximize their VDP views and rise above the noise of their competitors’ listings. By utilizing some of the most interactive tools on the dealer’s own website, dealers will learn valuable insights about their customers in a highly engaging environment. Dealers will leave this session with items to benchmark their own used vehicle listings and concrete ways to apply these concepts to gain more market share and higher grosses per unit.

BIO: As the grandson of a car dealer in upstate NY, the automotive business has been a part of Glen’s DNA for nearly his entire life. After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in business administration, he co-owned and operated the largest franchise operation for the automotive service provider, Rolling Maronie in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Selling that business to Dominion Dealer Solutions, Glen worked at establishing Dealer Specialties as the most advanced onsite merchandising and photography company in the industry.

Today, Glen operates the sales, operations, franchising and ancillary data businesses for Dominion Enterprises’ Inventory companies. With the dealer audience, he has educated automotive dealers at NADA, Digital Dealer, Driving Sales and AutoCon amongst other automotive conferences. Glen is a co-author of the best selling book, Unfair Advantage, and has won several industry awards, including the prestigious Driving Sales Innovation Award. Glen is an active participant in social media and you can find him at @ggarvin on Twitter as well as on most automotive forums and sites.
Subi Ghosh
Executive Vice President
Dealer Authority
SESSION TITLE: The New Internet Department: 7 Secrets For Digital Domination

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Digital domination gets thrown around as being defined by buzz marketing words that make you spend more money. The Internet department has evolved much like technology has pushed the evolution of the customer, how they interact with you, and the sale. As a decision maker, there are things you can do internally to push the needle, squeeze the most out of what you already have in place, and just tweak the basics to improve results while decreasing costs.

BIO: Subi Ghosh has been working in the Automotive Industry for the past 7 years. Her first 6 years were spent as an Internet Manager, Internet Director, and finally Sales & E-Commerce Director. She was recently promoted to Executive Vice President at Dealer Authority, a digital marketing company that works with dealerships who want a custom-tailored Social and Search Strategy. Subi's passion for the industry and drive to be an advocate for dealers serves as a perfect match with Dealer Authority as she heads up their consulting division. Not only has she been a speaker at multiple Automotive Conferences including NADA but she has also been a guest blogger with DealerKnows. Subi keeps actively involved in the automotive community as to share her knowledge, grow within her profession, and improve the way the industry sells and markets cars.
Andrew Harper
Senior Product Specialist
SESSION TITLE: Prospering in an Efficient New Car Market

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Today’s market presents dealers with more volatile conditions of increased margin compression in new vehicles. However, the advent of market-based new vehicle pricing offers an opportunity for dealers to maximize the profit margin on every car and attract more buyers who increasingly seek transparent pricing. In order to obtain success, dealers need to develop and execute a strategy that allows for rational new vehicle pricing by managing the expectations of today’s buyer. Discover how you can implement innovative approaches to new vehicle pricing, promotion and sales processes that maximize efficiency and generates more profit. You will also learn how to apply new vehicle market data to preserve and protect new car profitability from online listings to your showroom. As a result, you will be positioned ahead of your competition by satisfying the demand for knowledge and convenience of today’s buyer.

BIO: Andrew Harper is a senior product specialist for vAuto. In this role, ensures his customers have access to the most up-to-date information on inventory management and pricing strategies by providing coaching, mentoring and training to the Conquest sales team. As an advocate for his customers, Andrew is instrumental in guiding product enhancements for the development team by using customer feedback to continuously improve the vAuto user experience. Andrew is passionate about the automotive industry and enjoys working directly with dealers by assisting them with Conquest system implementation. Andrew is recognized as an authority on new vehicle inventory management best practices and shares his knowledge by participating in speaking engagements and thought leadership. His journey in the automotive industry started in 1998, holding a variety of direct-to-dealer sales roles for Black Book, and other companies. Andrew lives in southern California with his wife and two children, and enjoys playing golf and taking part in his son and daughters’ athletic activities.
Mike Hoyser
VP of Training
Phone Ninjas

Watch their session video here!

SESSION TITLE: 7 Easy Steps To Close More Phone Shoppers!

SESSION DESCRIPTION: We are now seeing the phone traffic increase and internet leads decrease. With the “click to call” feature available on everyone’s cell phone, is your team ready? Are they ready to create a different experience that is compelling, warm and inviting? Is your staff giving out too much information? In this session we will discuss why the phone is so important and review proper techniques that get results. We will break down an inbound phone call into 7 steps. Let’s review the techniques that are creating more appointments and intern selling more vehicles. Let’s discuss how we can maximize your advertising investment by creating more appointments out of your current phone traffic.

BIO: Mike is a dynamic and solutions-focused business strategist, particularly effective in new business development, major account management and consultative selling. He has a cumulative reputation for high quality performance, leadership, and results. For the past year Mike has gone back to his roots. He started in the car business in the late 80s. He sold cars and was an F&I Manager. After leaving the business, he worked for a Fortune 100 company and gained International experience developing business in Europe, covering from Ireland to Israel. For 10 years Mike successfully developed channel partnership programs in the IT services and software business. Now, he travels the country assisting with the development of dealership personnel to better hone their phone skills. His training seminars are engaging, informative and productive. Take the time to meet Mike and learn how to increase business through better phone techniques.
John Karpinski
Regional Vice President, Tier 3 Automotive
SESSION TITLE: Engaging with the Connected Consumer

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Today’s consumers are always-on, always connected, and always multitasking. Because of this, dealers are challenged with finding new ways to break through, make truly engaging connections, and to move cars off their lots. This presentation will not only offer new audience insights on changing consumer behaviors and the evolving audio landscape, but will share new ways for dealers to innovate in advertising, specifically using digital audio.

BIO: John Karpinski serves as Regional Vice President, Tier 3 Automotive for Pandora. He is a seasoned media expert with over 17 years of experience across broadcast radio, newspaper, television and internet radio.

John’s expertise in the automotive industry started from selling station content to dealers at broadcast radio stations (WHB, WEII, Red Sox Radio Network) to overseeing automotive initiatives at Clear Channel NYC, and now spearheading Tier 3 Automotive at Pandora. In the past decade, John has worked closely with dealerships and their parent companies to develop market strategies into quantifiable results, leading to at least 200% sales increase at every company he has worked for.

John currently resides in Kansas City, MO with his wife and two children. He operates under the motto of “If you’re not all in, you’re not in at all.”
Sharon Kitzman
Vice President and General Manager
Dealertrack Technologies Inc.

Watch their session video here!

SESSION TITLE: Winning With the Next Generation

SESSION DESCRIPTION: A deep dive into the macro industry trends that are, and will continue to transform the automotive retail experience for both variable and fixed operations. An analysis of key areas that dealers should be focused on to remain competitive in the new digital era. The retail process for auto dealers is rapidly evolving; consumers are demanding transparency, access to information, and a higher level of flexibility in what has traditionally been a rigid process. Consumers are demanding an Amazon or Apple like experience in both purchasing and servicing their vehicles. Dealers who respond and adapt to the digital consumer are thriving, and others are at risk of being left behind.

BIO: Sharon Kitzman is the Vice President and General Manager at DealerTrack DMS. Over a span of nearly two decades, Kitzman has managed the strategic direction and product development for two leading DMS Providers: DealerTrack DMS and Reynolds & Reynolds. Kitzman is recognized as a leader in the DMS industry for her experience in sales, marketing, product lifecycle management, process re-engineering, OEM management, professional services and customer services.

Due to Kitzman’s expertise in DMS product development, business revenue and market share for DealerTrack DMS has tripled over a short five year period. Kitzman also led the initiative for DealerTrack DMS to expand into the Independent Automotive Dealer market and secured key OEM Agreements on behalf of Dealertrack since its addition of DMS. Kitzman’s talent in maintaining client satisfaction ensured that the DealerTrack DMS field organization and call center skillfully expanded to meet the distinct needs of an ever-expanding customer base. And now, in her role as General Manager, she is leading a team to shape the product integration and innovation initiatives to deliver the market leading suite of integrated technologies capable of transforming auto retailing. Prior to joining the DealerTrack DMS team, Kitzman managed Reynolds & Reynolds product, sales, and marketing programs.

Kitzman is an expert in DMS technology and development and has received numerous accolades from industry professionals for her skills
Mat Koenig
CEO & Founder
KonigCo | Buscador de Auto

Watch their session video here!

SESSION TITLE: Mobile that Matters

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Mobile isn't the future of automotive, it is taking the industry by storm as we speak. At the innovative dealer summit, Mat Koenig the CEO and Founder of KonigCo will help Dealers learn how to attract, respond and build lasting connections with the mobile buyers of today, and tomorrow. Everything in Mat's session is designed for real world dealers to implement the moment they return to their stores. This is a session you don't want to miss.

BIO: Mat Koenig is the premier speaker in the areas of mobile lead generation and mobile video marketing in the automotive space. He is a 20 year Automotive Industry Veteran, published author and the founder of KonigCo, the #1 Google Ranked site when it comes to finding the mobile marketing for car dealers. Mat’s goal is to help dealers connect with buyers using simple, common sense strategies that embrace changing technology without losing focus on the basic principles of success. His dynamic, no holds barred sessions at Digital Dealer are packed with actionable information that everyone can use to increase business.
Ken Kolodziej
Founder and CEO
String Automotive

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SESSION TITLE: Five Ways to Move That Model: Hyperfocus your Inventory Strategy

SESSION DESCRIPTION: : Learn how to use industry research and your own sales data to accurately:
  • Create a market-driven feedback loop to inform inventory purchasing and marketing decisions
  • Fill the gaps in your inventory with the most desired models in your market
  • Hypertarget your inventory by understanding what, where and how to market

BIO: Ken Kolodziej is the Founder and CEO of String Automotive, a fast growing company that empowers dealers to unlock their data and uncover actionable insights that improve sales, marketing and service performance. A visionary thinker and bona fide data geek, Ken has deep roots in software and has been in the automotive industry for over eight years. Ken architected the code for String and was instrumental in establishing String as the only vendor in the automotive industry to become a “certified Google Analytics partner” back in 2008. Ken earned a Bachelors in Commerce from McGill University and studied at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and he can be reached at
Tom LaPointe
Chat Expert
SESSION TITLE: Profit or Pitfalls – How to chat your way to growth

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Live chat can boost car sales. What started as a novel way to talk to website shoppers has morphed into valuable tool that can boost dealer website lead counts by 50% or more. As with any other tool, there are three possible outcomes: help sales, hurt sales, or have no effect. This session will take you from the basics of chat, through the decision to self-manage or partner with a vendor for backup or full-time operator support.
    There is a proven road map to chat success. In this session you will learn:
  • When to use a managed chat option
  • How to generate quality chat leads
  • Chat curses and killers (avoid the epic fail)
  • Tips to turn a chat into a sale
  • Proven chat success secrets

BIO: A dynamic presenter, Tom LaPointe combines two decades of dealership internet experience with unique insight into the potential and pitfalls using live chat on dealer websites to boost leads and sell more cars. His high-energy style and background working with chat in the showroom and as a vendor make him uniquely qualified to help dealers understand the power of this cutting-edge technology. He is a Marine Corps veteran who joined the dot-com revolution building websites for Johns Hopkins University in the mid-1990’s, and is the author of Modern Sport Cars and contributor to two Chicken Soup for the Soul editions.
Joseph Little
Vice President of Social Strategy

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SESSION TITLE: The Secret to Social Media Isn’t Hard, It’s In Your Dealership Every Day

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Studies show that approximately 50% of companies block employees from using Facebook during work hours. With the number of Smartphone owners on the rise and social media usage continuing to grow substantially every year, blocking social media platforms at the workplace becomes irrelevant. In other words, censoring social is not going to keep your employees off of them during work hours - they will find a way to access social media sites whether it is permitted or not. Don’t fight it - embrace it to your advantage! Harnessing the power of your employees’ social networks and participation will not only expand your reach and no extra cost, it will increase employee involvement and grow your business.

BIO: Joseph “Joey” Little has shown tremendous success in growing business and building strong relationships with automotive leaders through Internet marketing, social networking, and online public relations. His leadership has directly contributed to a growth trajectory that has ranked businesses on the Inc. 500 fastest-growing companies list. Joey is a highly regarded Internet marketer, innovator, and respected voice in the automotive industry.
Kirk Manzo, CSP
Best-Selling Author and Founder
The Manzo Group

Watch their session video here!

SESSION TITLE: Leadership Strategies: Becoming a Person of Influence at Your Dealership

SESSION DESCRIPTION: In this workshop you will learn effective strategies to connect with both team members and customers to increase retention and profitability. As Leaders we attract who we are, and not who we want. What are the Top Characteristics of the people you want on your team? Ask yourself whether you influence Thinkers or Doers, Givers or Takers, Eagles or Turkeys!

Are team members following because they have to or because they want to? Is it my way or the highway? We will discuss why breakthroughs occur in people and organizations. What are common mistakes made by leaders in the middle of the pack? As leaders we are either an asset or a liability to our team. Why is that?

BIO: As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Coach, I can guide you and your team through Maxwell’s programs on communication, self-growth and leadership. I have successfully trained and coached individuals and organizations in various industries including healthcare, building materials, and retail automotive to achieve their sales objectives.

Since becoming an independent trainer and consultant in ‘02, my straightforward and practical approach has produced immediate and lasting results for clients. My Spanish-speaking clients in Puerto Rico and Latin America find my bilingual skills invaluable. I am also a professional member of the American Society of Training and Development, the National Speakers Association, and the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC USA).

By implementing Maxwell’s leadership philosophies and communication strategies, you will help each member of your team grow to their full potential! I look forward to beginning our journey together.
Ali Mendiola
Manager, Business Development – Digital Retailing Solutions
Dealertrack Technologies
SESSION TITLE: Selling the Way Consumers Want to be Sold: Using Technology and Behavior to Drive Results

SESSION DESCRIPTION: There are more mobile phones than toilets, toothbrushes, and light bulbs (electricity) around the world (Source: New York Times-Benefits of Mobile Health 2013). Consumer’s live-and-breathe for smartphones and tablets. This is how consumers connect. So why aren’t we capitalizing on this type of technology to improve the automotive shopping experience, both online and in the showroom? This workshop will focus on giving consumers what they want; a transparent sales process, a low pressure experience, and minimal time in the dealership, by using cutting edge technology that will allow dealers to sell vehicles the way the consumer wants to be sold.

BIO: Ali Mendiola holds the title of Senior Manager, Business Development for Dealertrack’s Digital Retailing Solutions team. The Digital Retailing Solutions team provides consumer facing solutions to dealers, portals and manufacturers, with the goal of improving the online sales process and delivering finance-ready leads to dealers. Ali is responsible for educating Dealertrack’s dealer partners on current and projected automotive shopping habits, as well as technological advancements that will allow dealers to cater to their online consumers.

Prior to this, Ali was an employee at General Motors. Ali began her career in the service and parts side of the business, specializing in product accessories. She then transitioned to the digital marketing space accepting the roll of Digital Marketing Specialist for the GM Accessories and Performance Parts team. In this roll, Ali was responsible for all GM Accessories and GM Performance Parts Digital Marketing strategies including media planning, paid search, SEO, website content creation and performance analytics. She also represented the marketing team during the launch of General Motors first eCommerce initiative. Ali then moved to the Cadillac division where she held multiple rolls including Accessories Sales and Marketing Manager and Sales Operations Manager.

Her most recent assignment was in the field as a Chevrolet District Sales Manager. In this assignment, Ali consulted with 13 dealerships in the Central Texas area. Her daily responsibilities included working with each dealer to increase sales and customer retention through digital marketing, traditional marketing, the creation and refinement of the in-store selling and follow-up process, as well product knowledge.

Ali holds a B.A. in Marketing from The University of Texas at Austin.
Oscar Padilla
Vice President of Strategy
Digital Media & Insights
SESSION TITLE: Reaching the (i)Hispanic: Understanding the Online Hispanic market via innovative acculturation model

SESSION DESCRIPTION: In this session you’ll learn how (i)Hispanic market growth is comprised of a more acculturated, online savvy super consumer. Understanding how to both reach and touch this segment will drive greater awareness, engagement and advocacy.
    In this energizing session you’ll get answers to the following questions:
  • Who is the influential (i)Hispanic?
  • Who is the “Clandestine 1.5” Generation?
  • How do (i)Hispanics behave digitally?
  • How was the (i)Hispanic Acculturation Model developed?
  • How to activate the Acculturation Model to drive ROI?

BIO: Oscar Padilla leads the strategic services for Luminar’s analytic and technology solutions. He is accountable for formulating new product and service offerings, as well as helping clients achieve higher efficiency from both analytic and technology solutions across online and offline media. With nearly 20 years of digital media under his belt, Oscar has worked with Vertis Communications, Hitachi Consulting, Blackboard Inc., RepEquity and Bridgeline Digital. Oscar has provided expert perspective for industry trade publications and has been published in Mobile Marketer, DMA News, 1to1 Magazine, Value Retail News, Chief Marketer, iMedia Connection, and theCube.
Steven Pearson

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SESSION TITLE: Meat and Potatoes Social Media: How to Guarantee Success in Social Marketing

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Would you ever offer a golf promotion car giveaway without Hole In One insurance? If you think that would be crazy (like I do), then quit doing the social media equivalent. Far too many dealerships effectively rely on getting lucky to see success with their social media efforts, and therefore, most don’t. But there’s a better way. Social media done correctly takes careful planning and consistent effort, but we have yet to see a dealership follow our advice and not see positive ROI from their social media marketing. This session will be a practical workshop to equip you with a proven, simple and executable social media strategy. Quit hoping to go viral, and instead realize actual value from learning the meat and potatoes of social media.

BIO: Steve Pearson is the CEO of Friendemic, and he loves his work helping automotive dealerships connect with past and future customers through the power of social media. Prior to joining the Friendemic team, he spent several years working in the digital space. At McKinsey&Company in Silicon Valley, he consulted with some of the largest players in the industry, focusing on process changes to improve customer experience. Steve also spent time on the investment side of things at Vector Capital in San Francisco, where he was a board observer for software companies Corel and Certara. Most recently, Steve worked at Google in their Channel Sales group, helping small and medium businesses access and profit from digital marketing.

He currently resides in Salt Lake City with his wife and baby daughter. Steve loves the outdoors, particularly distance running, rock climbing and mountaineering. If you catch him at the show outside of his presentation, you might be able to get him to tell you some fun tales about his successful summit of Mt. Everest in May of 2013 or one of his other crazy adventures. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Brigham Young University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
Howard Polirer
Director Industry Education

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SESSION TITLE: Front-End Fundamentals: 8 Keys to Driving a Sale

SESSION DESCRIPTION: This workshop focuses on what dealers can do to improve eight front-end processes – or fundamentals – that help support the critical steps leading to a sale. We’ll identify the best practices for each fundamental that dealers can use to help them get the work done faster and more efficiently, as well as drive influence and preference for their dealership. Done right, it will open up more opportunities for dealers to turn their attention to delivering the kind of end-to-end experience that today’s consumers expect.

BIO: Howard Polirer is the director of Industry Education for He has helped train thousands of dealers across the U.S. on the industry's best practices to reach automotive consumers.
Rob Rudloff
Business Advisory Services Partner
Randy Henrick
General Counsel
Rob Rudloff
Business Advisory Servs Prtnr

Randy Henrick
General Counsel

SESSION TITLE: The FTC Safeguards Rule and Cybersecurity: Don’t Be The Next Headline

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Cyber security data breaches seem to be daily news items. Beyond the damage to your reputation and the cost of dealing with a breach, the FTC is actively investigating and pursuing fines for violations. The co-presenters for this session will review the FTC Rules, commonly cited violations, and best practices to secure your dealership technology infrastructure. We will cover a combination of legal, administrative, physical and technology safeguards that can be adapted to your environment and operations - so you can stay in compliance and aren't the next headline.

Rob Rudolph BIO: Rob Rudloff is a Business Advisory Services Partner at RubinBrown. Rob has over 20 years of information security experience on security reviews, mitigation, strategy, architecture, planning, design, and implementation. He has consulted clients on a broad range of information security projects ranging from penetration testing, security assessments, and implementation of security architectures. He began his career with the Air Force serving at the Pentagon and the National Security Agency before launching into a consulting career at Big 4 and several smaller firms focused on information security and project management. In his most recent role he served as the Chief Information Security Officer for a large higher education institution.

Randy Henrick BIO: Randy Henrick is Dealertrack's Associate General Counsel for regulatory and compliance matters. He authors Dealertrack's annual Compliance Guide and writes articles that appear in numerous legal and auto industry journals such as Dealer magazine as well as articles and video biogs on

Randy began his career as a litigation attorney in New York City. Today, Randy has over 30 years' experience in banking and consumer financial services after beginning his career as a commercial litigator in New York City. Prior to DealerTrack, Randy served on the legal staffs of GE Capital, Citigroup, MasterCard International, and FleetBoston Financial. He lectures extensively to dealers and dealer associations on consumer credit laws and regulations, privacy, identity theft prevention, fair lending, the CFPB and FTC, and other consumer auto finance compliance topics. He recently presented at the NADA's Annual Convention in San Francisco. He has subject matter expertise in regulatory and compliance matters affecting auto dealer sales and f&I issues as well as being knowledgeable about consumer credit and financial service laws generally.

In April 2011, Randy appeared as a panelist in Detroit at the FTC' s "The Road Ahead: Selling and Financing Automobiles" fact-finding roundtable. Randy also appeared as a commenter at the CFPB's Auto Finance Hearing in Washington, DC in November 2013.

Randy served as an Adjunct Professor of Law at New York Law School where he taught a course on U.S. Consumer Credit and Privacy Law and is the former Chairman of the Consumer Financial Services Committee of the New York State Bar Association. He is also a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and an AFIP Certified F&I Professional. Randy is admitted to the State bars in New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, as well as the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.
Mike Stoll
Director of Professional Services
CDK Global

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SESSION TITLE: The Shift is On – Focus on Customer Retention

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Proven strategies to increase customer sales retention and improve fixed absorption rates. We’ll review best practices that are proven to drive retention results – including the key roles played by sales, fixed operations and even your phone system. You’ll learn about how to benchmark and track your progress toward building loyal and profitable customers.

BIO: Mike Stoll is Director of Professional Services for CDK Global. He is an expert in dealer Process optimization of customer experience, measurement and improvement. Mike has 38 years of auto industry expertise- 28 years in retail, 10 years at CDK Global (formerly ADP Dealer Services). He has personally consulted with over 1,500 dealerships He’s led the rollout of several larger dealer groups and OEM initiatives to improve Customer Experience, Retention and Process Improvements. Last year, Mike spoke at more than 40 industry Expos and conferences.
John Paul Strong
Strong Automotive Merchandising
SESSION TITLE: Better Website Merchandising Equals Better Traffic

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Dealers often fail to realize the true power that their own website garners in generating traffic. There is not enough focus on the showroom that gets upwards of 20 times more traffic in a month than the physical location does and this is where there is too much opportunity left on the table.

This session will cover the 5 most effective elements that must be present to create leads and conversions from the traffic that already visits a dealers website. It will be clear how dealers can reduce their spending in digital advertising services if they build a better platform for the traffic they are already getting. There will be examples shown of how to effectively merchandise your website and how to gain the competitive edge in online visibility.

John Paul Strong will show and describe the most underutilized areas of website merchandising and marketing so dealers can leave more informed about how to maximize the traffic they already receive. This session will impact not only new and used car sales but also service and finance as it relates to a viable component of a dealers website.

BIO: John Paul Strong is the president and owner of Strong Automotive Merchandising. For more than 10 years, he has been responsible for daily operations of the company, lead the account service division and overseen the agency’s marketing strategies for dealerships, focusing on traditional and digital media.

Prior to joining Strong Automotive Merchandising, Strong worked at the Martin Advertising firm specializing in direct marketing campaigns, point-of-sale materials and traffic-producing promotions.

Strong is a nationally recognized speaker in the automotive industry and has authored two books on next day traffic. He also is a member of the Texas Auto Writer’s Association. In 2013, Strong was named to the “Top 40 Under 40” list in the Birmingham Business Journal. He and his company are active supporters of local and out-of-state charities, including the Big Oak Ranch, a children’s home for at-risk youth.

Strong earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from the University of Montevallo.
Phil Sura
Vice President Automotive
UnityWorks Media

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SESSION TITLE: Creating a Significant Digital Video Strategy

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Dealers have heard from multiple sources that they must develop a video strategy. But what does this mean? We will discuss and explore what an effective video strategy includes. Video goes beyond the stitched VIN video walkarounds of the inventory. We will discuss the opportunities with video pre-roll and why Google is aggressively promoting this option. With pre-roll, I will share some common mistakes that I see with video pre-roll. We will discuss what a website video strategy looks like. We will discuss the opportunities associated with using actual video content of the dealer’s inventory. An effective video strategy will make you more visible to automotive intenders. Don’t miss this opportunity.

BIO: For over 25 years Phil Sura has been a recognized expert in the automotive industry with significant contributions in the following areas:
    Featured speaker
  • Third invitation to attend the Dealer Summit
  • Sixteen Digital Dealer conferences, ranked as one of the top four speakers at several of these events
  • Automotive News webinars
  • Numerous Auto Trader regional seminars
  • Many regional dealer meetings

Contributing Writer
Author of regularly published articles in Digital Dealer Magazine for the past seven years on topics ranging from lead conversion, SEO optimization, internet marketing, social media, best practices

Dealership Experience
Four years as a General Manager and thirteen years with a nationally recognized dealer consulting group.

Industry Solutions
Ten years as VP of sales specializing in video SEO, video pre-roll and lead conversion dealer solutions. Phil Sura is a graduate of University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.
Sean Ugrin
CEO & Founder
Spiffit, Inc

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SESSION TITLE: Are Your Incentives Driving ROI? The Carrot Beats the Proverbial Stick

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Dealers work in a rapidly changing and fluid environment. Strategy and tactics are not always in sync. Employee engagement and retention depend on providing the right incentives. Performance has to be tangible, relevant and measurable. Learn methods to lead your people to strive for and achieve greater results through positive behavior modification. Incentives move people, people move business.

BIO: Sean Ugrin is the CEO / Founder of Denver-based Spiffit. Sean’s automotive roots come from working globally with Bosch. As an adviser and consultant, Sean designed and developed business solutions that tracked automotive production and drove OEM sales efforts worldwide.
Brent Wees
Partner and Product Evangelist
Powered by Dashboard

Watch their session video here!

SESSION TITLE: "Time to Step up Your Game!" Redefining Your Dealership Marketing Through Automation & Gamification

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Gamification and marketing automation will be highly discussed topics in our industry over the next year. Get ahead of the curve with a session that will focus on the benefits of taking your marketing back in house and how it can benefit from utilizing gamification and automation. Attendees will learn about the tools and tactics that will give them greater control over their campaigns, customer data, while allowing them to better control budget.

BIO: Brent Wees is a Partner and Product Evangelist at Powered by Dashboard, a digital automotive product incubator in Toronto, Canada. A fixture in the Canadian automotive digital landscape for over a decade, Brent can also be found on stage hosting, speaking or moderating automotive events on both sides of the border.
Jason Wiley
Director of Sales
Haystak Digital Marketing
SESSION TITLE: How to Put Your SEM Pants On 2 Legs At A Time.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: How much should I budget for SEM?" is still the #1 question we receive from our dealers. We'll answer this question by looking into Geographic, inventory and simple dealer buy / sell data. Dealers will walk away with actionable items to take back to their store and immediately implement to increase the effectiveness of their SEM strategy.

BIO: Jason Wiley is the Director of Sales for Haystak Digital Marketing. Haystak is one of only 24 Google Adwords Premier SMB Partners in all of North America and it's the only SMB Partner that started out as a Full Service Automotive Advertising Agency. Haystak has also won the coveted “Top Rated Customer Satisfaction Award” for all Google PSP’s for the past 3 years in a row. Jason has been around the car business since a child, and has worked full time in the Automotive Industry since 1999. He's been the Director of Sales and Marketing at numerous successful automotive vendor companies and also co-owned his own Full Service Automotive Advertising Agency. His core values have always been combining advanced technology with old fashioned customer service. As such, Jason has been part of an amazing team of individuals who have helped advance Haystak into being the leading provider of digital marketing services to the automotive industry. Haystak's products and services are used by thousands of automobile dealerships in North America and Europe including numerous publicly traded retailers and Automotive News Top 125 Dealership Groups."
Dave Winslow
Vice President
SESSION TITLE: Digital Marketing Trends in Automotive

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Dealertrack Vice President, Dave Winslow, will provide data-driven insights on current trends in Automotive Digital Marketing. The information presented will combine trends from Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Jumpstart Automotive Group and other leading media companies along with key insights from Dealertrack’s digital marketing business. Participants can expect to be informed in areas of digital advertising, website performance, mobile and tablet growth, and consumer trends driving shifts in the car buying process. Specific insights that will be delivered include the significant growth in mobile for auto shopping, including 40% of all Dealertrack’s website traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices, and close to 50% of all auto searches on Google being delivered through mobile.

BIO: Dave Winslow, Vice President of Digital Strategy & Global media, oversees the organization's digital strategy and media group representing thousands of automotive clients globally. He develops strategies for connecting OEM and dealership advertising initiatives, aids in the vision of the product strategy for Advertising and Analytics and leads the teams responsible for the planning, process and performance of all digital media campaigns including Search, Display and Social advertising.

Previously as Founder and President of EpikOne, a digital consultancy acquired by, Dave established 5 partnerships with Google including leading the early efforts for Google Analytics globally, consulted and advised dozens of Fortune 500 companies on digital marketing strategies, launched successful seminars and summits across North America and Europe and launched multiple products used by thousands of businesses globally.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Dave has been active in the online marketing industry for over a decade serving in roles as Interactive Director for a boutique creative agency, Director of Sales for an Internet start-up, Executive Director of an online marketing summit and founding a few companies along the way.

Dave is also a Professor for the Digital Marketing Master's Program at the IE Business School based in Madrid Spain instructing on advancements in digital marketing metrics to students across the world.
Jamil Zabaneh
J&L Marketing.
SESSION TITLE: Digital Domination

SESSION DESCRIPTION: What if I told you that you could identify in-market customers before they even gave an indication through online research? Being the first to gain the consumer's attention will certainly give you an advantage over your competitors. Instead of being bombarded by multiple messages from multiple third parties and dealers, the consumer will only be exposed to your message. We're always looking for ways to increase effectiveness of marketing deliverability and conversion for our customers. A powerful way is through the use of IP matching. Think of these IP addresses as the physical addresses to your customer's computers or mobile devices. Using this information we can now take customer data, such as a physical address, and match it to their home IP Address to serve targeted digital ads. This will allow you to deliver your message straight to your targeted individual's computer and mobile device prior to them displaying any behavior online. Learn more at my presentation, "Digital Domination."

BIO: Jamil Zabaneh is President of J&L Marketing. He works with each core function of the business to ensure all teams are aligned and working together to achieve the company's vision and mission. He formulates and implements the strategic plan that guides the direction of the business, overseeing the complete operation of the organization in accordance with that plan.

Prior to joining J&L as a Business Growth Strategist in 2009, Jamil was a Sales Specialist at Standard Register. Since joining the company, he has played a key role in establishing a preferred relationship with Mercedes-Benz, collaborating with Shell Lubricants to develop value-added programs and establishing the MOPAR Service Clinic program with Chrysler Group.

He holds a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Western Kentucky University.



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