Five Steps to A Healthier Sales Floor

Brent Wees, Director of First Impressions & Mark Stringfellow, VP of Sales, Nextup

Many dealerships are victims of a “sick sales floor” and don’t even know how to see the tell-tale signs of this crippling disease. Sales people afflicted by sore feet and sunstroke from burning through ups on your lot. Staff so gripped by customer pre-qualification-itis that they hide themselves away inside the walls of your dealership, unwilling to engage with every visitor in the showroom. Illness easily spreads and your employee turnover is already rampant, you need to be able to self-diagnose what is happening inside your dealership. Join Brent Wees and Mark Stringfellow as they provide attendees with in-store tools to aid early detection in their dealership and get them on the road to recovery!



Is Your Sales Process Kicking It Old School?

Jennifer Suzuki, Founder & President, e-Dealer Solutions

Too many dealership sales processes haven’t changed in decades yet the customer buying experience continues to evolve. Today’s salespeople need to utilize many technologies to achieve maximum conversions. In this workshop, attendees will learn what it takes to convert a non-present buyer into the showroom. We will look at up-to-date process maps that ensures your team are all on the same page. For greater impact, apply these tools as you update your job descriptions and internal training manuals. You will walk away with best practices from various methods that affect the sales process from phone calls, voicemails, text, email, video, chat to in person. When you update your sales processes, you will push the buy cycle up for many customers who might have put off a purchase, convert more opportunities and increase overall sales.


The Do's and Don'ts of Business Development Centers

Todd Hudak, President, Hudak Consulting

How to create a BDC that generates proactive leads through proven processes.


Speech to Text Will Fix the Phones in Your Dealership

Michael Markette, Partner, CallRevu

Learn how the speech to text technology we use every day on our smart phones will help dealers create positive caller experiences.