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How to Make the Most of Every Lead in a Down Market

Barrett Schrader, VP of Business Development, Proactive Dealer Solutions

With the marketplace beginning to plateau and maybe even dip, managing the leads coming in will be even more important because the leads are not going to increase. More and more customers are beginning to use the phone as their primary way of reaching out to the dealership, so who is best to handle those opportunities? You'll learn how to create a business development culture throughout the whole dealership (Sales and Service). The customer experience will be very critical over the next couple of years; do I need a "BDC" or do we continue to only utilize our sales staff and service advisors? Learn what the best practices are when it comes to customer follow-up and retention. What are the CRM best practices and how do we have quality customer engagement? You'll hear about proper staffing, what business development options you have and how to convert more leads. Primary Learning Objectives: 1) Identify opportunities in your store that are currently being mismanaged, and what steps you can take to manage your leads more efficiently. 2) Learn best practices for CRM utilization and how to effectively follow up with all customers in the database. 3) Learn what processes managers can follow to hold their own people more accountable to lead capture, extracting quality information, and closing more deals.


Sales Attribution is bigger than your marketing: It’s time to start talking about Opportunity Attribution

Sean Welsh, CEO/Co-Founder, Car Biz Done Better

Now more than ever the conversation about who gets credit for the sale of a car has to change. Whether anyone will admit it or not, both vendors and dealers hate sales attribution. It’s OK, they should. Unfortunately, the only thing anyone could do is say “well, you just shouldn’t pay attention to sales attribution.” That sort of dead end thinking gets us nowhere fast. Attribution has an important a place in the overall conversation. All we have to do is broaden our scope beyond marketing and into the dealership itself. From this we reframe the scope of the conversation to what we call “Opportunity Attribution.” This term demonstrates how attribution has to be about more than just your marketing and goes further than typical sales attribution to include the all too often neglected sales floor.


Maximum Effort: How To Sell More Cars According To Deadpool

Shaun Raines, President, Dealer SuperHero

From digital marketing choices to website conversion and sales processes, selling cars has been become a greater challenge than it needs to be for many dealers. In this session, dealers will learn how to identify and improve sales processes that are compromising their growth opportunities. Dealers will also learn how to improve the conversion rate of their website into the highest quality leads. To be very clear, this session is for dealers who truly want to sell more cars not talk or dream about it. Wrapped in a Deadpool theme, this won't come close to sucking, so put on your big kid pants and don't miss this one!

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Changing Wholesale one car at a time

Stu Zalud, Director of Strategic Business Development, ACV Auctions

Across the industry, new car sales are declining and margins are compressing. Dealers are looking to other departments for profit, and Wholesale is one of those departments that must play a larger role. In this engaging session, Stuart Zalud, director of strategic business development at ACV Auctions, the dealer-to-dealer online auction platform, will discuss how dealerships can capitalize on the wholesale market that is over 20.5 million units and growing, providing new avenues for dealers to build their organizations. Takeaways: Turn your Wholesale into a profit center one car at a time with technology. Learn how new technology makes selling and buying wholesale inventory more efficient. Understand why Vehicle Condition reports make a difference. Get precious time in your day back to manage more effectively. Eliminate inefficiencies that are built into traditional disposal strategies. Expand your audience and capture more interest to drive higher transaction prices.


Charge Up Your Electric Vehicle Sales

Neal Callinan, Electric Vehicle Specialist, Xcel Energy

The automotive industry is changing as we know it, moving towards electric transportation and sustainable mobility solutions. New electric car models are released each year as manufacturers begin allocating resources to this technology while consumer demands, federal and state initiatives, and investment from new industry players influence the market. Electric vehicles present the auto industry with challenges to overcome, yet, the customer remains the focal point of the ecosystem providing opportunity for dealerships to capture value and sell more cars. To learn how, Xcel Energy will share insights into the electric vehicle market, customer purchase barriers, and how dealerships can prepare by leveraging key partnerships.