What is Social Media Strategy and Why Do I Need It?

Kathi Kruse, Founder/CEO, Kruse Control, Inc.

80% of car buyers are more likely to turn to social media than a salesperson. Does your social media measure up?...or, are buyers clicking away to your competitor? In today’s hyper-connected sales cycle, you’re not selling the product, you’re selling the experience. Tactics to attract and engage buyers are plentiful and the majority of them fail. Strategy is crucial and many dealers either don’t have it or don’t think they need it...or both. Successful strategy touches ALL points of your digital reputation. Can you really afford to miss the social media mark in today’s market? Auto retail veteran & social media strategist Kathi Kruse shares her ‘best practice’ strategies to help you engage more of today’s hyper-connected buyers. Learning Objectives/Takeaways: Develop and create a social media framework (not just tactics). Identify and avoid the pitfalls that lead to social media #fails. Build a social media presence that makes your store the obvious choice.


You CAN Sell Cars with Social Media

Brent Durham, Digital Marketing Director, Preston Automotive Group & Tom LaPointe, Marketing Consultant, CarChat24

With upwards of two billion users on social media, car dealers can’t ignore it as a key marketing channel. But where should a dealer start, and what is the destination? This session will share real social marketing strategies that are moving the needle for car sales. We will take a close look at Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social sites and share what is working – and what isn’t. In addition to covering the fundamentals of social marketing, attendees will learn secrets to social media marketing that can make a real difference customer engagement, and sell some more cars!


Reputation Is Your #1 Salesperson

Alexi Venneri, Co-founder/CEO, Digital Air Strike

Did you know the number 1 salesperson at your dealership is Reputation? In fact, up to 90% of your sales and service customers say Reputation impacted their decision to choose a dealership and 72% would drive up to 60 miles because of Reputation. Today there are more sites than ever and more places than ever that your Reputation is noticed. Google showcases other star ratings in search results and major online retailers like Overstock are getting in on the auto game. So how can you monitor, improve and manage your online reputation? We have the top tips and the top sites you need to know about to get that 5-star Reputation every car buyer and service customer wants to do business with.