Speed Thrills - The 59 Minute Car Sale

Alan Krutsch, VP, Sales & Marketing, Ryan Adams Group

Speed Thrills-The 59 Minute Car Sale Car shoppers are frustrated by inefficient processes that waste their time. In a world where the “one-click” purchase has become commonplace car buyers don’t understand why it takes 2-4 hours to complete the purchase. There are 3 significant process changes that a small number of dealers have made that allow them to consistently go from yes to delivery in under an hour. In this seminar, dealers will learn about changes in consumer expectations, the retail landscape inside and outside the car business, and the 3 areas dealers must focus on to achieve a consistent, repeatable 59-minute car sale. This will be a 40 minute “how-to” designed to set dealers on a path towards the necessary changes needed to move auto retailing into the 21st century.



Don't Buy Your Friends - Or Customers: How to Make Real Connections in 2018

gary galloway, senor product marketing manager, netsertive

American basketball player and UCLA head coach, John Wooden, said “do not mistake activity for achievement.” This mantra can directly relate to automotive marketing , as dealers frequently buy low quality leads from third party providers that provide little return on investment. Car buyers today generally walk a convoluted path to purchase and are consistently being bombarded with ineffective, untargeted advertising messages. In order to capture the attention of these consumers, dealerships and brands need to commit themselves to learning their buyer’s journey and having meaningful dialogue with them in a deliberate fashion. Within this session, Gary Galloway, senior product marketing manager at Netsertive, will show dealers how to navigate the automotive buyer’s journey. He will outline how they should align their digital marketing strategy with the consumer path-to-purchase – starting with brand awareness, then leading to consideration and ultimately a buying decision. Gary will guide the audience through the marketing funnel, further outlining key metrics for evaluating success and measurement of connected digital marketing campaigns that serve sequential, high closing leads.


Sourcing Vehicle Inventory More Efficiently through Digital Channels

Ray Priest, general manager, manheim

Dealers are continually looking for efficient, easier and more affordable ways to find and acquire inventory. The best way to save time and money is through digital sourcing channels. Some channels offer a seamless extension of the physical auction. Others offer access to a large database to bid, buy and sell 24/7. Buyer assurance solutions mitigate the risk of buying inventory through a digital channel, sight unseen. The convenience of digital sourcing plus the security of assurance products open unlimited access and opportunities to new inventory options that are otherwise unavailable at physical auction locations while creating more streamlined and efficient operations. This session will identify opportunities to make inventory transactions at anytime from anywhere, allowing you more time to focus on retailing cars at your store.




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